Why Does My Air Compressor Tank Get So Hot?

Why Does My Air Compressor Tank Get So Hot?
Why Does My Air Compressor Tank Get So Hot?

Air Compressor Tank Get Hot

Certain internal and external factors can cause your air compressor to get overheated, which can also affect its performance. In fact overheating is the most common cause of failure of an air compressor. It might still be working but can get worse and the system might breakdown if left untreated.

Under these circumstances either you need to get the compressor replaced or get it to check by a service provider to avoid any sort of mishaps

Causes of overheating

1. Low Suction Pressure

The low suction process is one of the main issues that can contribute to the overheating of a compressor. The low suction issue arises due to:

  • Improper fitting of gears
  • Damaged meter- this can affect the ability to monitor the accuracy of the compressor
  • Obstructed strainers
  • Drop of pressure

2. Insufficient cooling space

If the machine is kept in a secluded place where there is no room of ventilation it will affect the cooling process of the compressor and result in becoming heated.

3. Old and Blocked Parts

Machines have limited life and using it more than it should be can wear out its components, which affects its performance. For example, if internal pipes get clogged the air compressor needs more energy to get air and to perform its functions, this will create more pressure on a compressor.

4. Frequent Usage

The amount of usage obviously affects the ability of an air compressor to function properly. Excessive usage can wear out its operating part.

5. Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker regulates the current flow of an air compressor and it may stop its operation as a protective measure. If circuit breaker trips randomly this is a sign that there is some serious issue with your air compressor.

6. Eroded Oil

This is one of the main issues that can create a problem with the compressor and can clog the passage of compressed air systems. Hardened or oil gets into the internal part can affect the system of lubrication and block the sufficient air a compressor requires.

Measures to prevent your air compressor from overheating

1. Ventilation and Ducting

Firstly and foremostly, an air compressor heating issue could be easily solved by the ventilation system inside and in the surrounding. Inspect each vent to ensure that there is sufficient amount for the air to vent out if not you need to change the venting system. Also thoroughly inspect the ducting system because dirt can difficulty flow the air properly.

2. Update the Compressor

If your usage were excessive, it is recommended that you should change the air compressor over a period of time or else the performance of the old air compressor wouldn’t fulfill its operational demand steadily. To avoid this problem, you need to get the compressor and its parts check from a service specialist and upgrade it to function properly.

3. Monitor Oil level

It is important to check the oil level regularly to avoid the compressor from overheating. Always check the oil level and change the compressor oil regularly.


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