Your Air Compressor is Hot and Overheating? Here’s Why.

Hot and Overheating Air Compressor
Hot and Overheating Air Compressor

What Can Make an Air Compressor Overheat?

Air compressors are designed with heavy-duty features that make it convenient to use them for long hours. However, there are some instances when your air compressor starts to malfunction; the common cause of such a problem is overheating.

Your air compressor can overheat or become excessively hot for many reasons. First, let’s have a look at some of the signs that indicate your air compressor is overheating. If you find it difficult to start your air compressor after a short break, it may have overheated during the last use. Hard starting is an issue that should not be ignored. If it happens, please have your unit examined by a repairman.

Also, you may hear strange noises coming from the engine; the sound is different from the normal engine sounds you are used to hearing. The circuit breaker may also be activated, making it difficult to keep the engine running. If this happens, do not keep trying to start the air compressor; instead, take it to a repairman for assessment.

There is no need to panic if your air compressor starts to overheat. In many cases, you may need to replace one or two parts, and the system is back to normal. Here are the main reasons your air compressor overheats during use;

Wrong use

If you fail to follow the manufacturers’ usage instructions, your air compressor can overheat during use. The manufacturers indicate usage specifications such as distance to walls or avoiding the use of air compressors in enclosed places. These are measures to allow air circulation that can prevent overheating.

Also, air compressors are designed to be used for long hours, but if you exceed the time estimated time allowance, your air compressor unit can overheat.

Worn out parts

It is a good idea to service your air compressor often, during this process, your repairman can spot some parts that should be replaced because they are already worn. Failure to replace worn out parts can cause your air compressor to overheat.

Uneven air pressure output

The air compressor pump is designed to deliver a consistent air pressure output. However, this function can be compromised if there are issues such as a faulty discharge line, clogged parts, blocked filters, or issues with the power supply.

These problems can put a strain on the air compressor, subsequently causing it to overheat.

Insufficient lubrication

Air compressors that feature oil-lubricated air pumps can overheat if the oil level drops too low. Also, failure to change the oil in a compressor unit can cause overheating if the oil in the system is used for too long.

Oil-lubricated air compressors usually feature oil sight glass that can be used to monitor the oil level in the system. If the oil sight glass malfunctions, the user may not know when the oil level drops too low. Without lubrication, there will be too much strain on the compressor system, consequently, it will overheat.

You can do quick troubleshooting to know why your air compressor is overheating, using the information above. For a lasting solution, please have an experienced repairman fix the problem.

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