Why Air Compressor Trips The Circuit Breaker

Air Compressor Trips Circuit Breaker
Why does Air Compressor Trips Circuit Breaker?

Troubleshooting a Tripping Circuit Breaker in an Air Compressor

The circuit breaker is an electronic device that stops the flow of current when a fault in the system is detected. Air compressors have circuit breakers that protect the compressor and air pump when necessary. What usually happens when there is a fault in the air compressor system is that the engine shuts down and the work stops.

It can be a problem when the circuit breaker constantly shuts down your air compressor system. It is usually advised that owners of air compressors with this issue should have the system checked. In this article, I will be writing about some of the ways to troubleshoot a tripping circuit breaker so you can know when the circuit breaker is the reason your air compressor is not starting.

If you notice that the circuit breaker in your air compressor is cutting electricity supply, you should check the following;

The air filter

A dirty air filter is one of the reasons circuit breakers in air compressor trips. The air filter prevents dirt from entering the air pump. Dirt in your air pump can cause serious problems, and it may require expensive repairs.

However, it is important that you change the air filter in your compressor unit often. If you notice that the air filter in your air compressor that just tripped off is dirty, it is time for a change. If the system still trips the circuit breaker after changing the air filter, you need to troubleshoot further.

Faulty motor

The air compressor features a high-capacity induction motor that has a low amp draw. A faulty motor can trip the circuit breaker in your air compressor. You will need the services of a trained technician to determine the problem with the motor.

Faulty circuit breaker

Another reason the circuit breaker in your air compressor trips too often is if it is faulty. The circuit breaker installed in air compressors are high-quality, but they can develop a fault after many years of use.

Faulty circuit breakers can be quickly changed to restore the proper functions of your air compressor unit.

Clogged cylinders

The cylinders in the air compressor improve the performance of the unit. Some compressors have two or more cylinders. A faulty or clogged cylinder can trip the circuit breaker to prevent the air pump from damage.

Broken extension cord

The air pumps powered by electricity feature extension cords that make it easy to connect to power. A broken extension cord is dangerous, it can cause a fire. A breach in the extension cord will trigger the circuit breaker to trip, cutting off the electric supply to shut the air compressor system down.

If you notice any signs related to the faults mentioned above, please avoid using the air compressor until it has been properly checked by a repairman. The issues can be easily handled by an experienced repair man because the air compressor unit has a fairly simple operational system.

In conclusion, you can avoid many issues related to the functioning of your air compressor by keeping the unit clean after each use.


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