Comparison between Air Compressor and Air Condenser

Comparison between Air Compressor and Air Condenser
Comparison between Air Compressor and Air Condenser

Today we will discuss an important topic. The difference between an air compressor and an air condenser is usually not very clear to most people. So we will try and break down the topic into two distinguishable parts. And then further compare the two for better understanding. So first let’s discuss what exactly an air compressor is.

Air Compressor

The compressor’s main job is to supply the airflow throughout the device or equipment.  An air compressor basically converts power stored in air pressure into potential energy. This energy could be anything from electrical to mechanical to chemical energy. There are two types of air compressor:

  • Positive displacement: Positive displacement compressors decrease the volume of the chamber into which the air gets pushed. All the while compressing the air. When maximum air pressure point is reached. Then the valve or port opens and all the air is discharged into the system from the compression port.
  • Dynamic displacement: There are two integral parts of a dynamic compressor: centrifugal compressor and axial compressor. This type of compressor converts the kinetic energy present in the air into pressure energy. After which a centrifugal force produced by a spinner which makes the air move faster. And then decelerate the air, which in the end is converted into pressure.

Air Condenser

An air condenser is a device that cools the air by making it come in contact with air-cooled surfaces. The air condensers are usually small with only 20-ton capacity. The best advantage of using an air condenser is the fact that there is no wastage of water. You don’t need water pipes, or water disposal systems. This results in the saving of water. And also decreases the problems that are caused by the mineral content present in water.

The air is usually cooled down by natural convection or convection induced by force. Natural convection is implemented in electrical devices like refrigerators. Forced convection uses the method of fan or blower so it is usually used in machines where bigger systems can be integrated.

The air first circulates throughout the coil and then air is blown outside from the tubes.

Air Compressor vs. Air Condenser

The first difference lies in the name of the two; air compressor and air condenser. The compressor’s main job is to compress the air and the main job of an air condenser is to condense the air. However, they are both working on the same thing that is air.

A compressor is used to compress the gas. All the while increasing the pressure and decreasing the volume of the container that it gets compressed into. On the other hand, the condenser is used for heat exchange. That means that a condenser changes steam into its liquid form.

Other than that air condensers have multiple applications. They are practically used everywhere. Including the compressors to evaporate the heat that gets generated during the compression.

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