How long will this compressor take to fill my tires?

Rod asked this question a few months ago: The compressor of 100 psi oil free is on sale.

I am wondering how long will it take to air up my car tire from 20 lbs to 40 lbs. (Tire not removed from car)?

I had a smaller portable compressor and it would take about 15-20 min to bring pressure up to the required 40 lbs. The Pancake I am reading about will mainly be for car tire care.

Central Pneumatic pancake style air compressor
Central Pneumatic pancake style air compressor. Rod did not indicate the model of air compressor he was referring to, but when it comes to small pancake compressors, it’s pretty hard to beat Harbor Freights very low prices.

Reply: Rod, the factor that would help me respond more accurately is what is the motor HP of the compressor you are looking at acquiring?

The higher the horsepower of the compressor motor the more compressed air flow that air compressor can deliver.

Having said that, I’m guessing that your prospective air compressor has a 1 HP motor or smaller?

If it is a 1 HP motor on your compressor I would expect it to fill the 20 PSI additional tire pressure in two to three minutes or so. A smaller HP pancake will take longer.

Since the typical pancake compressor can generate 100 PSI, make sure you check your tire pressure as you fill it to ensure that you don’t exceed the safe tire pressure.

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