How does the Air Compressor Oil Capacity affect its Performance?

How does the Air Compressor Oil Capacity affect its Performance?
How does the Air Compressor Oil Capacity affect its Performance?

How does the Air Compressor Oil Capacity affect its Performance?

The air compressors that have an oil-lubricated system are mostly industrial models that can be used by contractors to handle major projects.

These air compressors have functional pumps and cylinders that have a high-performance rating because of the oil lubricating the system. The presence of oil has a significant impact on the performance of the air compressor. It is important to ensure that air compressors with oil-lubricated systems never run short of oil.

What type of oil should be used for an air compressor?

The oil specifications for any air compressor model are usually specified by the manufacturer. The specifications and brand of oil are indicated in the user manual. The air compressors that require oil lubrication use high-grade synthetic oils. Many manufacturers include a can of synthetic oil in the packaging. However, when the manufacturers’ oil finishes, the user must buy the same brand of synthetic oil from the market to ensure that the performance of the air compressor unit is not compromised.

How much oil does an air compressor need to work efficiently?

The manufacturers also indicate in the user manual the quantity of the oil that should be put in an air compressor. The specifications in the manual are usually precise and should be followed.

Here are the different functions of the oil in an air compressor and how oil influences performance;

Oil cools down the air compressor engine

The industrial air compressors function with different mechanical parts that work together to deliver the required air pressure output needed to operate air tools and for different tasks. These mechanical parts are prone to wear without the oil lubrication. Air compressors with adequate oil lubrication can be used for long hours without overheating.

The oil prevents leaks in the system

The oil in an air compressor system also acts as a sealant to prevent leaks in the air compressor system. Leaks can cause too many pulses in the air, which can compromise the capacity of the air pump. The oil-lubricated air pumps are less prone to such issues.

Air compressors with oil-lubricated systems prevent engine shut down

It is important to properly lubricate an air compressor to avoid a shutdown while the engine is in use. The air compressor automatically shuts down when the system detects low oil level. Many of the oil-lubricated air compressors have an oil sight glass that makes it easy to monitor the level of oil in the compressor unit.

Changing the oil in an air compressor

It is important to change the oil in an air compressor unit often to make the equipment last longer. You can get more value from your air compressor if it last and functions effectively for many years.

The oil change routine may be specified by the manufacturer in the user manual. Alternatively, you should ensure that oil in your air compressor is changed after 1,000 hours of use.

In conclusion, oil-lubricated air compressors work more effectively when there is enough oil to prevent overheating and to protect the mechanical parts from wear.


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