Air Tool Issues

It is the era of the air compressor. More and more folks are getting air compressors to run a variety of air tools. Will some folks have air tool issues? For sure.

Everyone that has purchased an air compressor typically will have at least one air tool, even if that air tool is simply a blow gun or tire chuck. Over time though most folks will get more air tools, and eventually have a problem with them. This page is here to help by inviting users with air tool issues to post a question on the form below.

We, myself and other visitors, will see the question, and offer a solution in response. If a particular air tool issue question merits it, that air tool subject will then be turned into a page and linked below.

Hope this process, and the following pages in response to questions, helps with your air tool issues.

If you see a question you can offer some guidance on, we wish you would, using the comment form below the post.

Got an air tool issue? Just post it below.

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1 year ago

How do I reset air compressor

2 years ago

Hello. My question is about the cord that connects to the tire to fill it with air. can you buy a replacement part for just that piece? how do you get the used one off and a new one on? 😊

Steve M. Harrison
3 years ago

Severe troubleshooting needed. I’ve a seldom used, 5 year old Kobalt 8 gallon oil-free compressor, which up until a week ago worked like a champ. Still does, until….here’s the issue. I set the tool pressure gauge to 100 psi after start up. The tank pressure gauge will continue to climb easily to 150 psi and then the pressure relief valve opens as the motor continues to run. Sounds ok, to me. But the motor should shut down when the tank pressure gauge reaches the tool pressure gauge setting of 100 psi, or whatever the tool pressure gauge is set at.… Read more »

4 years ago

every time i start the air COMPRESSOR it will not start. It kick the breaker. After 4 or5 time the compressor will run. IUt does goood until the next time you start up./