Air Compressor That Uses Oil or Oil-free?

Air Compressor That Uses Oil vs Oil-free
Air Compressor That Uses Oil vs Oil-free

Air Compressor That Uses Oil vs Oil-free

You will eventually come across this question when deciding what air compressor to get. Many people may not know the difference between the two before having to make the choice: should you get an oil-free compressor or one that uses oil? The answer is not that direct and is entirely up to how you plan on using the compressor and how frequent.

How are they lubricated?

Compressors that require oil use the liquid as lubrication for the moving parts. Oiled Compressors require the oil levels periodically to insure proper function. to be checked A compressor that is oil-free has its parts coated in a friction-reducing chemical that is self-lubrication al last for the life of the machine.

You need one for light work

If your considering getting one to use around the house for a few semi-annual chores, then an oil-free compressor may be easier to maintain. They are often more portable and require less maintenance than their oiled counterparts.

You need it for your business

One thing you will need to consider is how frequent you plan on using it. For longer uses that are consistent, you may consider using an air compressor that requires oil with a large tank as they then give you more operational hours. Although they may not be great for mobile use.

Your hobbies require one

This scenario is tricky. You’ll need to consider what project you have in mind when you’ll be using the air compressor. If you a majority of the tools you plan on using will need to be powered by air pressure ether one would work fine, but you would want to check the requirement for the tool you’re using.

You have a workshop that is used by several people

If you have a team of workers that used different tools and a different time, you might want to consider a compressor that uses oil and has dual air tanks. You can get a lot out of that kind of compressor and they are often mobile-friendly.

You only need it for one immediate project

You may consider renting a compressor from your local hardware store if you are only needing it once. However, you could also get an oil-free compressor as they are usually an affordable option and are great for starting out.

You already have one at your workshop and at home

Chances are you already know about air compressors and have fallen in love with the usefulness of that machine. You don’t need another heavy duty one but could use one for the bed of your truck, or maybe as a present for your brother-in-law. An oil-free compressor is great for those tight emergences or giving someone else a useful gift.


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