Can Welded Air Compressor Tanks Explode?

Can Welded Air Compressor Tanks Explode?
Can Welded Air Compressor Tanks Explode?

Can Welded Air Compressor Tanks Explode?

Air compressors have storage tanks that have been designed to hold compressed air under pressure. Some air compressors have tanks that have been welded. Over the years, there have been debates about the welded air tanks and if they are a safety concern regarding explosions.

Yes, there have been some reports of air tanks in compressor units exploding. Unfortunately, some of these cases have ended with casualties. People who often use air compressors must be aware of these risks, the causes, and how to avoid the accident.

Air tanks are necessary, especially in industrial air compressor models. Air tanks make it possible to use the air compressor unit for a long time, without the need to take breaks while working. Therefore, we cannot consider removing the air tanks; instead, more awareness should be created about why air tanks can explode and how to prevent an explosion.

Why do welded air tanks in compressors explode?

Here are some of the top reasons the storage tanks in air compressors explode;

Wrong welding methods

If there is a problem with the methods used in welding an air tank, it is a potential danger to everyone who uses the equipment. It is important that professional welders handle the job. This is why only reputable manufacturers, who sell trusted air compressor brands, should be recommended to the public.

These air compressor brands produce their units under strict rules, and in adherence to the approved safety standards.

Corrosion in the air tank

Another reason air tanks are prone to explosion is if the insides of the air tank have been compromised due to corrosion. While in use, the changes in air pressure cause the formation of water in the air tank, due to condensation. If the water formed is not drained off, it can cause corrosion, which will compromise the quality of the air tank.

Air compressor tanks feature a drain valve, usually positioned at the base of the air tank. This valve is used to drain water from the air tank after the unit has been used.

Air tanks made from substandard materials

Also, some air compressors feature storage tanks that have been made from poor quality materials, which are not durable and can be compromised by the pressure from compressed air. The best air compressors feature storage tanks that have been made from cast iron or reinforced steel. You can also find solid air tanks made from high-grade aluminum.

Wrong maintenance process

The manufacturers of air compressors usually attach a manual that shows the proper maintenance processes for the air compressor unit. Failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions can cause the storage tank to be compromised.

Neglect while using the air compressor

Failure to keep the air compressor clean and observe rules such as keeping all outlet valves closed can cause the air tank to explode. For example, if the drain valve is not locked after use, dirt and water can still enter the tank.

Please consider the points discussed above before you use an air compressor. Also, regular maintenance is important; your repairman can quickly spot a problem and rectify it before it becomes worse.

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