World’s Top 8 Air Compressor Manufacturers

The Top 8 Manufacturers of Air Compressors
The Top 8 Manufacturers of Air Compressors

The Top 8 Manufacturers of Air Compressors

The demand for air compressors has attracted so many companies who try to leverage the high demand to make more income. In the market, you can find so many brands of air compressors. The thriving market for air compressors has attracted local and global investors in many countries.

The reviews for air compressors are generally good. Many air compressor brands offer different models to meet the varying needs of the customers.

For example, the smaller and portable air compressors are needed by contractors or private users who often work with portable air tools. The farmers may need bigger air compressor models that can be used to inflate the tires on heavy agricultural vehicles.

On the other hand, contractors may need much bigger industrial air compressors that can be used to handle major projects without any problems.

Air compressors are generally divided into two groups, the reciprocating air compressor units, and the rotary screw air compressors.

Here are the top air compressor manufacturers whose products you will find in the market:

Dewalt Air Compressor

Dewalt is one of the notable air compressor brands in the market. The company has established its name in the industry by developing different models of air compressors that have features that make the air compressors useful.

Dewalt air compressors include portable hand-carry models and large industrial air compressors that can be used to handle different types of projects. The company has focused on developing a variety of models to meet the needs of its customers globally. Dewalt air compressors are durable and have ergonomic features that go a long way to improve customer experience.

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor

The Campbell Hausfeld air compressor units are also a favorite among contractors. The company also produces smaller air compressor units that can be conveniently used by private owners. The Campbell Hausfeld air compressor units feature different air pressure output capacities and safety features such as auto-shutdown when there is a thermal overload. The air compressor units designed by Campbell Hausfeld also have an attractive design that makes the models presentable.

Makita Air Compressor

In the market, you will find Makita air compressor units that feature the oil-free and oil-lubricated systems. The Makita air compressor brand has captured a big part of the market with its diversification to offer customers air compressor models in the two categories.

The Makita brand is known globally, the air compressor models sold by this company have an impressive reputation for reliability, easy management, and durability. The Makita brand produces air compressor units that feature air tanks that are thermally stable and can hold different gallons of air. The availability of options is one of the reasons many people consider buying one of the Makita air compressors.

Porter-Cable Air Compressor

The Porter-Cable air compressor manufacturing company was introduced into the market as a company that produces portable air compressors. There is a continuing demand for portable air compressors in the market. These air compressor units are convenient for use by contractors who often work with hand-carry air tools that can be used for painting, blowing, fastening, and many other tasks. The Porter-Cable air compressor units have a silent engine that makes them convenient for use when handling small or large projects in residential areas.

The Porter-Cable air compressors are durable and have simple features that make it easy to control the air compressors and manage the air pressure output. The simple and convenient features of these air compressor models make them one of the top brands in the market.

Kensun Air Compressor

Another brand of air compressor manufacturers known for the production of portable air compressor units in the market is Kensun. This company considers the user-friendly features that can make it easy for beginners and experienced contractors to get all the benefits of using an air compressor. The Kensun air compressors also feature high-quality control systems such as air pressure gauges, and coupler valves that are made from high-quality steel.

The Kensun air compressor models can be used for different tasks such as the operation of air tools and inflation of car or motorcycle tires, balloons or toys. The lightweight models of this air compressor brand can be easily stored in the trunk of a car and used for emergencies, during a road trip by car.

Excell Air Compressor

The Excell air compressor brand focuses on manufacturing air compressors that can be used by both the contractors and private owners. The air compressors developed by the Excell Company may feature a pancake air storage tank or the hotdog air storage tank design. The air compressors designed by the Excell brand can be used in different places regardless of the terrain because they feature sturdy leg support features at the base that are usually rubber padded. These air compressor models mostly have a silent engine, which makes it convenient to use the units in residential areas.

Senco Air Compressor

The Senco Company is an established manufacturer of air compressors. The company has won the hearts of many customers with its diverse range of air compressors that are easy to use and have durable features. The Senco air compressor units feature control systems such as the high-flow regulator switch, air pressure gauges, and the drain valves.

The Senco brand of air compressors also features the oil-free and oil-lubricated air compressor models. The units also come with air tanks of different capacities and air pumps that can deliver a wide range of air pressure to meet the need of the users.

VIAIR Air Compressor

The VIAIR brand is managed by a team of experienced engineers who focus on manufacturing portable air compressor units that can be used to operate smaller air tools of different capacities. These air compressors usually weigh below 10 pounds and they come with carrier cases that can also hold essential accessories for this air compressor brand.

You cannot go wrong when purchasing an air compressor if you know the capacity of its air pump and the number of gallons the air tank can hold. It is best to study the rating of the air compressor to ensure that it can deliver an output pressure that meets your needs.

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