Clarke Air Compressors: Problems & Solution

Clarke Air Compressors: Problems & Solution
Clarke Air Compressors: Problems & Solution

Clarke Air Compressor Problems

Clarke Tooling is a renowned title in industrial goods and equipment, over the years they have provided a large range of industrial products such as automotive parts and accessories, spray guns, vehicle supplies, and other industry-related equipment. They have also set their foot on the air compressor market but it is, for now, the range is limited. According to some of the reviews, Clarke’s air compressors are one of the best air compressors if you are just starting out to use it.

However, we are here to discuss the problems faced by people who use Clarke air compressors. Although, it does not matter what company’s air compressor you are using whether it is new or you have been using for a while the problem still arises with these kinds of machines.

To understand the common air compressor problems, it is very important to understand its system and all the parts and air tools of an air compressor. We have listed down some of the common issues that can be found in an air compressor and can be easily fixed.

Problems and Their Solutions

1. Excessive Noise

The excessive noise on the air compressor during operation is sometimes very annoying but the reasons why it can occur are that loose pulley or loose flywheel belt or in fact unfastened screws and clamps, which can create loud vibration on the air compressor. Check the location where it is happening and then tighten the possible loose ends. Check if they are any other damages with bearings and refill the oil if it cranks down, this can also create excessive noise with the air compressor.

2. Oil Reservoir

Due to high humidity, the water enters the oil reservoir, which could bubble inside the tank and it will be difficult to build up the air pressure. A possible solution to prevent water from entering the reservoir is to place the pipes in the air so it could intake less humidity. Also follow a service routine after every 50 days, which includes oil cleaning and replacement, air filter cleaning and draining of tanks to avoid this issue.

3. Oil Consumption

Make sure that the oil from the compressor isn’t leaking because it can build pressure on the motor of the air compressor, which in result can get extremely hot and can damage the other parts of the air compressor. Replace or repair the parts that are causing leakage, also check the piston bolts and if they are too worn out replace them too.

4. Insufficient Pressure

The air compressor won’t function properly if it is creating the required pressure. Check the air take valves and clean or replace them if it is restricting the air pressure, check the belts and hose too and if they are too lose or worn out replace them.

5. Burning Smell

If you notice that there is a burning rubber smell emitting from your air compressor, immediately turn the power off and check for oil leakage or if it isn’t enough oil in your compressor.

If you couldn’t identify the problem yourself, don’t try too hard instead call the service person immediately.


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Clarke AIR PP9ND50 will not start