8 Common Reasons Why Your Air Compressor Is Loud or Making Noises

Air Compressor is Loud and Making Noises
Air Compressor is Loud and Making Noises

Troubleshooting When Your Air Compressor is Loud or Making Noises

Some of the things you will need to pay attention to if you own an air compressor are the sounds coming from it. If your compressor is loud or making noise, it might be a sign that something could be worse. There are several things that could be causing the noise and should be inspected. Below are the things that you need to be checking if your air compressor is loud and making weird noise:

Something is loose and needs tightening

Check the bolts and mounts on your compressor to make sure there is no wiggle room that would allow for rattling. You would also want to check that your pump is mounted correctly inline, an offset pump will also make noise.

Your Belt may need replacing

Make sure your belt and flywheel are tight and at the correct tension. These issues may cause wobbling if they get worse. Inspect the belt to insure it’s not misaligned. You will also want to check the belt if you hear any squeaking coming from your compressor as it may indicate an issue with the belt.

Air may be escaping

If you hear hissing then you’ll want to check your line and connections where the air might be escaping. Check your pressure gage to confirm if you are losing air. Examine the oil feed line if you hear a bubbling sound, this may indicate that your piston seals have failed.

Your piston needs to be checked

If there is banging coming from your piston housing then it’s likely that you’ll have to open up your pump to inspect them. Sometimes if the pistons get dirty, they might end up hitting the valve plate. You’ll need to clean them and replace the gasket. If the piston or connecting rod is broken, the cost of repair would be close to the price of a new compressor.

The Crankcase needs oil

Sometimes you will hear noise from the crankcase when your Compressor is low on oil or if it needs new bearings. The noise might be a sign of something worse and your crankcase or crankshaft may need to be replaced before you should use it again.

Relays aren’t connecting

You may hear repetitive clicking coming from your motor. This could mean that a relay is failing to initiate a part of the compressor and is just stuck in a power-on cycle. You will want to check to make sure all the electrical connections are tight, but some relays cannot be fixed and will need replacing.

Something is ticking or rattling

Check for any interference with all the moving parts like the belt or flywheel. If your compressor has a fan make sure it’s also clear of debris. Identify if the noise is coming from the pump, the belt, or the motor.

Your motor is humming

If your compressor won’t turn on but you can hear humming coming from the motor, that is a common sign that your starting capacitor is bad and will need replacing. Sometimes if the air compressor is humming while it’s on, it’s a sign that it is running low on oil.

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