Troubleshoot Air Compressor: Pressure Switch Leaking and Air Compressor Leaking Oil

Troubleshoot Air Compressor: Pressure Switch Leaking and Air Compressor Leaking Oil
Troubleshoot Air Compressor: Pressure Switch Leaking and Air Compressor Leaking Oil

Troubleshoot Air Compressor Pressure Switch Leaking and Air Compressor Leaking Oil!

Here we will troubleshoot another air compressor query. We will address the issue of air compressor leakage. So let’s break down the query into two simple queries so that they are easy to solve. The first part of your query is “Air compressor pressure switch is leaking”. And the second part states that “air compressor is leaking oil”.

Air compressor pressure switch leaking

An air compressor generally pushes an equal amount of air in all directions. The air compressor switch usually trips due to the excessive pressure on the diaphragm inside the compressor.

Listed below are the two main reasons and their solutions for the leaking of air through the switch.

1. Worn Diaphragm

Reason: The first and foremost reason for an air compressor pressure switch leaking is a tiny hole inside the diaphragm. Over time, the diaphragm present inside the compressor has worn out or has developed small holes. This hole provides an outlet for air leakage. This could also be due to any small outlet present in the compressor.

The strain refill of the wires is covering the apertures of the switch, then you might need to lift it off to inspect properly for leaks. However while doing so, please ensure that you have plugged the compressor from all the power sources.

Solution: When the air compressor has reached its limit, but you can still notice that air is coming out of the switch then it is most definitely leaking. You can also check by removing the cover, if you can feel the air blowing out, then it is leaking. If your switch is placed outside the compressor, then you can easily remove it and change the diaphragm. Or you can also just replace the switch with another one of the same features.

However, replacing might be an issue if you are a newbie. So we would recommend you to change the switch.

2. Valve Issues

Reason: Another reason is that it might be leaking from the unloader valve. When you notice air leaking you might want to check if it is leaking from the switch or from the valve. If it is leaking from the unloader valve then the issue might be in the valve and not in the switch itself. It might not be fixed properly.

Solution: If the problem is with the valve then deal with the issues of the valve first.

Air compressor leaking oil

When the air compressor leaks oil, the piston starts lacking smoothness. The oil leakage will cause a lack of oil and will cause the machine parts to get rough. It is also very dangerous as the spilled oil can cause a fire hazard.

Causes: There are many possible ways through which an air compressor can leak oil. You should all of the following to get to the root cause:

Solution: First things first, you need to identify what exactly is the problem. Then you need to disassemble the compressor. Just make sure that you take apart the part that is causing the leakage and not the entire compressor. So that it is easier to put back together. Now clean out the excessive oil and all the parts that you have taken apart. Then repair all the parts that are causing the leakage. Check if any part is damaged and replace it.


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