Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors: Common Problems & Solutions

Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors: Common Problems & Solutions
Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors: Common Problems & Solutions

Air compressors are the most important and powerful appliance that is used by everyone from large industrial work to household purposes. For such heavy-duty tasks every day, your air compressor requires regular maintenance to perform properly every day without any glitches.

Over 100 years, Ingersoll Rand has been serving people providing them a broad range of technically enhanced and advanced products, which are highly reliable and affable to use. Their air compressors are built with enhanced parts and accessories, providing the best results to keep your work running.

For your assistance, we have listed down some of the problems that have arisen in an Ingersoll Rand air compressor.

Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor Problems and Solution

1. Air compressor fails to operate

When your air compressor fails to work, it could happen due to various basic reasons for example:

  • Power issues: Check power switches and turn on the reset button.
  • Lack of lubricants: Check and change the oil, it could be empty or dried out.
  • Power failure: Check the power supply of air compressor, it could be a petty problem of circuit issue.

2. Not enough oil

To make an air compressor run properly it needs proper fluids and oil. It is the most basic thing that needed to be check and replaced regularly.

  • Leakages: When you absorb there is a leakage of oil it can stop by tightening the screws and bolts.
  • Worn out piston rings: If it seems worn out, replace it immediately.
  • Blockage of air: Clear the air ducts if it seems the air is blocking.

3. Vibration of compressor

Excessive vibrations and turbulence can be a sign of caution for your air compressor and it can result in lousiness in a number of parts of the machine. Inspect these parts and take necessary measures, which include, bolts, belts, pulley, crankshaft, and flywheel.

4. Insufficient Pressure at the tooltip

When you notice that there is not enough pressure on the tooltip, the problem might be due to leaks, air inhibitions, hose or belt.

  • Air restrictions: Clean the air filters if it seems that the air is being blocked.
  • Loose Belts: Tighten the belt if it seems loose or replaces it if it is too worn out.
  • Hose: If the hose is in inadequate size it is high time to update them.

5. Extreme Heat Discharge

If the air from the compressor comes out extremely hot, this could further internal damage in the mechanism.

  • Dirt in internal parts: Check if the internal parts are dirty especially the cylinder, tube, and intercooler. Clean them as needed.
  • Ventilation: Poor Ventilation can cause excessive heat, replace it somewhere airy is it can get cooler and the flow of air will be easier.
  • Valves: When you encounter hot compressed air, it could be a problem with valves.

However, no matter how much the machine is efficient or how brilliantly it works, there are always problems arises in every machine that requires a proper solution. It can anything from lubricant parts to the main motor or air duct issue. Thus, these issues needed to solve as soon as possible before it results in a much more costly repair.

Check out these helpful YouTube videos for more information.

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3 years ago

Good day, ingersoll rand MH22 screw compressor. wonder if anyone can assist. I’m currently busy with a screw compressor as mentioned above. I canged the drive belt as the previous one snapped. The original belt is a 1480PK12 but this is only locally available through the agents who wants to charge way to much for the item. I changed the belt to a 1460PK12 which fits as it’s a self tension udjusting unit as far as I can understand. This unit was manufactured in the year 2000 so the control panel has no way of identifying exact error codes. Only… Read more »

Jhurry premanand
4 years ago

What may cause the alarm 1 avpt on a ml 160 ir compressor.

Michael Adedire
4 years ago

If an air compressor M132 is displaying (motor Rotation, please what’s cause and solution?.