About Air Compressor Oil: Capacity, Filter and Trap

Air compressor Oil Capacity, Oil Filter and Oil Trap
Air compressor Oil Capacity, Oil Filter and Oil Trap

Air compressor Oil Capacity, Oil Filter and Oil Trap

If you want to make sure that your equipment continues to function optimally, you need to be aware of its components and the role they play. For instance, the various parts of an air compressor influence its functionality significantly. Let us take a look at some of these factors.

Air compressor oil capacity

Air compressors need oil lubrication continuously if friction is to be prevented inside the moving parts. Therefore, if you want to ensure that your air compressor runs efficiently, it is crucial that the oil level is regularly checked. You need to know the capacity of your air compressor and the amount of oil that it needs.

It is advisable to read the compressor manual thoroughly for guidelines on the amount of oil that your unit needs. The manual will likely include the capacity of the compressor according to the model. Once you have gone through the manual properly, it would be easy for you to locate the oil sight glass on the compressor.

Keep in mind that adding too much oil can be detrimental to your unit. Therefore, make sure that you are aware of the capacity of your air compressor before adding oil to it.

Air compressor oil filter

As the name implies, the purpose of an air compressor oil filter is to get rid of any dirt from the oil. The filter protects your compressor from potential damage that can occur due to pieces of rust, dirt, and similar other particles.

The filter element is damaged owing to dust and dirt. This dirt can also clod the oil separator and wear the bearings. Therefore, an air compressor oil filter can make sure that your air compressor lasts a long time.

Oil is meant to cool the compressor element along with air during compression. If this oil flow stops, the compressor element will become too hot, causing it to be irreversibly damaged. Oil filters for air compressors are provided with a bypass valve that makes sure that oil flow can also occur without going through the filter if the pressure difference becomes too large. It is advisable to purchase those oil filters that are equipped with this bypass valve so that your unit is not damaged due to impeded oil flow.

Air compressor oil trap

When the air compressor is performing its function, oil is injected so that lubrication can occur, and the heat of compression can be absorbed. The compressor then lets out a mixture of compressed air and oil. The air compressor oil trap serves to ensure that the oil remains inside the compressor so that lubrication can continue while the compressed air exits the compressor without containing any residue of the oil.

Final words

Every part is valuable when it comes to the efficiency of an air compressor. Therefore, make sure that if you are replacing any component of the tool, you do so after reading the manual guidelines thoroughly. Failure to do so might end up damaging your entire air compressor in no time.


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