Install Grips with Air Compressors

Install Grips with Air Compressors
Install Grips with Air Compressors

Install Grips with an Air Compressor

Even today, old-fashioned methods are used to install grips, like, using masking tapes and solvent. Even some manufacturers prefer tapping method, although it is messier and time taking. Installing grips with air compressors is much convenient, cost-effective, time-saving and quicker. However, it is important to have all the equipment required for installation, which includes:

  • An air compressor with up to 70 PSI, even a small air compressor can do this job so there is no need to go for a one with a big tank.
  • Rubber grips – it is important to get 100% pure rubber grips because they are particularly designed for air compressor applications. Other grips are riskier and may not be good for application through the air compressor.
  • Air gun attachment – get a gun attachment to make the job easy. Gun attachments with pure rubber grips are specially used for installing golf grips. Some people tend to use old methods, but the gun attachment is highly recommended.

Installing grips can be frustrating and become a messy task. People who need to grip often, be it a bicycle, golf clubs or any other thing, must invest in an air compressor. The air compressor does not have to be an expensive one, as mentioned earlier, a small one can do the installation task easily as well.  Not everyone owns an air compressor at home, but it is very convenient for installing grips. Using an air compressor for the first time can be a bit tricky but once the art of installing with air compressor is learned, it becomes very easy and simple.

Here are a few steps on how to install grip with air compressor:

Firstly, one must adjust the PSI of the air compressor. It is important to see what is more suitable for installation, and most importantly, the comfort of the user. Once the PSI is adjusted, the grip has to go in within a couple of seconds after some quick air compressor bursts.

Shoot some air bursts into the open end at the top of the grip; keep applying the short air burst shots until the grip moves to its desired place.

Air compressors can also be used to remove old grips. The method is extremely simple and similar to the installation of grips. Just shoot air bursts into the hole at the end of the grip. Pull the grips along with airbursts and the grips will come off easily.

Try the air compressor method for gripping and regripping this time around and if not satisfied, you can always go back to the tapping and solvent method. Air compressor method is not at all time consuming and once you get a hang of it, it is super easy. It saves time as well compared to the tapping method, also it creates less mess, whereas, tapping and solvent method is messy and frustrating.


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