Troubleshoot Husky Air Compressor: Won’t Shut Off and Won’t Build Up Pressure

Husky Air Compressor: Won’t Shut Off and Won’t Build Up Pressure
Husky Air Compressor: Won’t Shut Off and Won’t Build Up Pressure

If you own a Husky air compressor that either won’t shut off or doesn’t build up air pressure as it should, you’ve come to the right place. While Husky air compressors are certainly fine pieces of equipment, no air compressor is perfect and that especially the case with Husky’s line of air compressors.

The thing is, many people seem to have an issue with either the air compressor not shutting off when it should, or not building up pressure as expected. Because this is a rather widespread issue reported by several people, we’re hoping to help. Keep on reading to learn how to resolve these two common issues.

Troubleshooting a Husky Air Compressor Won’t Shut Off

Typically, when your compressor doesn’t want to stop when it should, it’s a sign that a problem is occurring with how your compressor is pumping air through to the air tank itself. On top of this, if your Husky air compressor does not shut off when it should, it’s a major safety concern that should be taken care of as soon as possible. Therefore, you shouldn’t attempt to use your compressor again until the issue is resolved. Let’s take a look at potential reasons why your Husky compressor won’t shut off properly:

An issue with the cut out level settings

As part of your Husky air compressor’s system, the cut-out pressure level setting is designed to stop your air compressor from operating past the set level, also called the cut-out. Basically, the cut-out level stops the air compression process in your compressor once the tank is full of air.

If this cut out level setting is not working properly, it could be the reason why your air compressor continues to operate and compress air even past the maximum level. This is very dangerous, of course.

An issue with your compressor’s pressure switch

Your Husky air compressor’s pressure switch is responsible for turning off the system once your tank pressure reaches the maximum cut out pressure level. To see if this is the cause, check if the pressure in your tank is higher than the average PSI range for your tank. If so, the pressure switch may be going bad or no longer working.

Troubleshooting a Husky Air Compressor That Won’t Build Up Pressure

If your air compressor won’t build up pressure as it should consider these potential troubleshoots to get your Husky compressor back up and running as it should:

An issue with your compressor’s pump

The air compressor pump is meant for, well, pumping air into the compressor tank. If your air compressor won’t build up pressure, it could be due to a worn-out air compressor pump. As your air pump wears down, its pieces and seals may be damaged and ineffective.

An issue with the air tube fittings

As a general rule of thumb, you should check your air compressor tub fittings on a regular basis. If they become loose, air may leak out, resulting in an inability for your tank to build pressure. If you find one of your fittings to be loose, either tighten it/them or replace it/them.

An issue with leaky air tubes

Your Husky air compressor’s air tubes are responsible for transporting compressed air from the air pump to the air tank. If they are leaking, your compressor’s pressure won’t be able to build up. Simply replace damaged tubes if needed.

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