How Do an Air Compressor Unloader and Filter Works?

How Do an Air Compressor Unloader and Filter Works?
How Do an Air Compressor Unloader and Filter Works?

How do an air compressor unloader and filter work?

Here today, we are talking about two different parts of an air compressor and how they work. The first part is unloader and the second part is a filter. The unloader is used to blow away the pressure that is accumulated in the discharge pipe. The filters on an air compressor are used to clean out any remaining pollutants from the compressor.

How does an air compressor unloader works?

Starting with the unloader. The unloader valve is a part of an air compressor used to blow off the pressure. The built-up pressure in the discharge pipe can be dangerous for the compressor and thus it blows it away when the compressor stops working.

The unloader is quite compact but it has great importance. The unloader has a very distinct function to play. If the unloader won’t release the trapped air pressure and allows the air to pass through. The compressor won’t have enough air to operate.

In a piston compressor, the output is connected to the air receiver via a pipe. When an air compressor comes to a halt, the pressure drops down to 0 bar.

The screeching air sound that you hear when the compressor stops is this. All the while a check value ensures that only the pipe releases the pressure. And the pressure in the air receiver tank is not drained off the pressure.

This is a very important step because when the compressor starts up again. It won’t work if there is air pressure in the pipe. The electric-powered motor won’t be powerful enough to support it.

Make sure that the unloader is properly screwed on the machine. If the unloader is open, then the pressure can leak out of it. It would sound like the leaking of a switch. Also if the unloader won’t open, then the air compressor won’t work. So it important to ensure that the unloader is working correctly.

How does an air compressor filter works?

The second part of the article refers to the air compressor filters. Filters of all kinds are used to clean out the specific device that they are designed for. Similarly, the filters used here are used to clean out the residues from the air after it has been compressed. Making it safe for using again.

The filters also help protect the compressor from the pollutant build up in the compressor. The dust oil and dirt wears out the device. Also, the oil containments can create a slimy mess inside the compressor. To save yourself from all these install filters so that the air is continuously cleaned out.

The working element of the filters is very straight forward. The compressed air enters from one side of the filter, the dust, dirt, oil, and waters gets separated and fresh air comes out from the other end.

In between the entering and leaving the large particles are all separated in a part called “mesh” and the small particles are condensed. Then the air is slowed down so that the contaminants can drip down and small particles are removed.


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