How To Increase The CFM On Your Air Compressor

How To Increase The CFM On Your Air Compressor
How To Increase The CFM On Your Air Compressor

An air compressor is a useful tool that is used for a lot of purposes. For example, it can be used to paint walls, fill air into a tire, and when you use the nail gun. Air compressors come in different types and sizes, so you have a lot of choices in front of you. Moreover, each one of them has a specific maximum PSI (pounds per square inch), hence certain tools are not compatible with some air compressors as compared to the ones that are. So it is vital to know your need for an air compressor before you purchase it.

Why Is The CFM Of The Air Compressor Important?

CFM (cubic foot per minute) is the measurement of the velocity of air, which is sucked inside an air compressor. It is a crucial factor in the air compressor since it would not work without it at all. That is because if there is no air traveling inside the compressor, then no air pressure is being generated in order for your tools to work. This feature is very important when you are deciding on what type of air compressor you want to buy. If the CFM of your air compressor is higher, that would mean that the air compressor can produce a larger quantity of air for the tools, hence a job that requires more time can be completed easily. Therefore, it is advised to purchase an air compressor that has higher levels of CFM. However, you can increase the CFM using certain methods and techniques. Listed below are the methods used in order to increase the CFM on an air compressor.

The Methods Used To Increase The Levels Of CFM On The Air Compressor

One of the techniques used to increase the levels of CFM on the air compressor is by purchasing a second air compressor and connecting the two together. This is done if you need the CFM to rise up beyond the highest capacity it’s supposed to, hence you need help from an additional machine. However, there is a single disadvantage to this method. It probably will take more time to fill the air in two different tanks; hence overheating can occur which might result in other maintenance problems. Plus, it can also cause the tool that you are using to malfunction and that is not something you want to take place while you are working on a task.

The second method uses a different tactic in order to raise the levels of CFM of an air compressor. Another way to do it is by giving more time to the air compressor, so it can maintain the pressure in the tank. This is done by lowering the regulator to its smallest setting where the tool can still be used. Hence, your air compressor will work for a long period of time, plus your tool is going to work perfectly fine as well. Moreover, there is an advantage in using this method for your air compressor. It will extend the life of the air compressor; also more time will be given to it in order for it to get refilled with air again while it is being used.


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