A Guide to Refill A CO2 Tank with an Air Compressor

How to Refill A CO2 Tank with an Air Compressor?
How to Refill A CO2 Tank with an Air Compressor?

An air compressor can be a great tool when it comes to filling CO2 tanks. The tanks are used for various applications, such as paintball guns. However, getting them refilled again and again from shops can get hectic and kind of expensive. Therefore, you have the option to refill those CO2 tanks yourself if you know how to do it the correct way and save yourself a considerable amount of money. Listed below are the steps required in order to refill a CO2 tank using an air compressor.

Using an Air Compressor to Refill A CO2 Tank

Step 1: Drain the Tank

For the air compressor hose, a proper compressed air fitting is required. Firstly, fasten the CO2 fitting to the fitting located towards the end of the compressor hose. The other end of the fitting should be screwed tightly into the CO2 tank. Towards the top side of the fitting, a bleed-off valve is located that is supposed to be unscrewed as well. This will allow any leftover air to leave the tank, which will give you better accuracy when you are going to fill it up again. Once all the air has left the tank, the next step is to put new air in it. Before you turn on the compressor, make sure that you have reclosed the bleed valve.

Step 2: Fill The Tank Again

Calculate your CO2 tank’s size and multiply that amount by two. The result will give you the time you should run your compressor. For instance, a tank that is 8 ounces will require 16 seconds worth of air. Keep checking your watch and switch the compressor on. There is a slight chance of error, hence keep track and stay alert of the time otherwise a mistake in calculations can damage the tank, the compressor, or even yourself. Overfilling the tank is a serious issue, therefore track the time it takes you to fill the tank carefully.

Step 3: Shut It Off

Once you have reached your calculated time, turn off the compressor. For just a couple of seconds, the bleed valve should be opened again in order to clear out any lines and prevent any build-up. Lastly, from the air compressor hose unscrew the tank. You’re all finished.

Safety and Precaution

Always remember to be careful and stay safe around the compressed air. Make sure that all flammable materials are far away and do not puncture or drop the CO2 tank. Despite being able to put compressed air in a tank, you need to make sure that you know what you are doing. A simple mistake can cause the CO2 tank to explode under pressure and injure you or the people around you. Even though it is possible to do the whole process safely, you are required to take certain steps beforehand in order to make sure that you are doing everything right. You are handling a high amount of pressure, therefore it is vital that you take precaution and perform the task with a lot of attention.


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