DeWalt Air Compressor: Common Problems & Solutions

Dewalt Air Compressor: Common Problems & Solutions
Dewalt Air Compressor: Common Problems & Solutions

Troubleshooting Dewalt Air Compressor Problem

The compressor’s main job is to supply the airflow throughout the device or equipment. An air compressor converts power stored in air pressure into potential energy. This energy could be anything from electrical to mechanical to chemical energy. However, people often face some common issues with their air compressors. Some of these are critical and should be checked by a professional. But others are very small problems which can be dealt with at home. So today, we will help you figure out some common problems with your air compressor and how to fix them!

1. The compressor is not operating properly

Cause: There are quite a few reasons why this must be happening. The compressor might have issues with the switch. There could be a problem with the electricity supply. The oil level could be very low. The pressure in the tank is very low.

Solution: As there are multiple causes. There are multiple solutions. Look for all of these and check if something is out of order. Turn on the power to check electricity. Check and replace oil if necessary. Check the pressure switch and then reset your compressor.

2. The compressor is using excessive amounts of oil

Cause: So even here, there are a lot of reasons. The air intake might be restricted. Oil could be leaking or the compressor might be tilted causing oil leaks. There could be issues with oil viscosity. Or the piston rings could be worn out.

Solution: There are a few steps for this solution. Clean and check the air filters for replacing. Check if there is an issue with the gasket and tighten its bolts. Check the oil and replace it with the oil of right viscosity. Not replace bolt rings and level your compressor. Use vibration pads if needed. Also, check if your cylinder needs repairing.

3. Air leakage from the inlet

Cause: The only reason why this is happening is the fact that your inlet valve is broken.

Solution: Replace the valve plates and you are good to go.

4. The compressor is generating insufficient pressure

Cause: Again, several reasons. There might be some leaks or restrictions for pressure. Air intake might not be sufficient. Air requirements might be more than the capacity of the air compressor. Also, belts might be slipping causing a pressure leakage or Service hose might be too small.

Solution: First things first, you need to check for leakage in your compressor. Also, check the hose and piping to ensure that no pressure is getting out. Clean your air filters. Try replacing the service hose with a bigger size. And last try checking the compatibility of the compressor with the equipment.

5. Fuse is sparking continuously

Cause: Fuse size might not be right. Or there could be an issue with the unloader. Or your belt might be too tight.

Solution: Check that the ampere rating of the fuse is correct. Next check if the belt is too tight and loosens it up a little. Last check if your unloader is not working properly. Repair or replace the unloader.


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