What Is A Two Stage Compressor In An Air Conditioner?

What Is A Two Stage Compressor In An Air Conditioner
What Is A Two Stage Compressor In An Air Conditioner

There are so many different models and types of air compressors sweeping up the market nowadays, it’s kind of difficult to understand them all. All air compressors have the same basic mechanism; they convert power into pressurized air. Air conditioners are widely used by people as a source of cooling the environment. An air conditioner is made up of a condenser, an evaporator, and a compressor. The compressor is responsible for converting cool gas to high pressure, hot gas which further condenses to a lower temperature. The condenser converts it into liquid form and this liquid changes to gas and thus evaporates. The fan is used to circulate the air. Heat is removed from the air, cool air is blown out and this cycle is repeated.

What Is A Two Stage Compressor In An Air Conditioner

A traditional air conditioner is built with a single-stage compressor. A single-stage compressor operates at a 100% capacity. It can only be switched on and switched off completely and can only run at a standard speed. Since a single-stage compressor is originally found in air conditioners, it’s easy to install and repair them whenever needed.

A two-stage compressor, on the other hand, has two different settings and operates at 80% capacity. It operates at a high capacity and a medium capacity. The medium capacity is used when there is a demand for a moderately cool temperature in the room. The high capacity is usually used when the temperature is extremely hot and the medium capacity isn’t doing the job. Because of constant running, the temperature and the humidity levels will be controlled by the preset settings.  It can maintain the constant atmosphere temperature without blasting cold air. The constant air circulation allows a decrease in the level of mold and contaminants building up in the ducts and pipes.

Energy Efficient

Compared to a single-stage compressor, a two-stage compressor has a higher efficiency since low speed is needed to maintain the coolness of the environment. To make sure the system runs smoothly and safely, it’s important to check if the installed components are properly placed and maintained. The fan should not be run constantly, all possible leaks should be sealed, and all units need to be the perfect fit and size. Through these checks, you can ensure the two-stage compressor runs efficiently and saves costs on energy, maintenance, and electricity.

Advantages of a two-stage compressor

  • Decreases and maintains humidity levels on a constant basis
  • Few temperature changes are allowed
  • Equipment doesn’t breakdown often which means less maintenance requirement
  • Energy and cost-efficient
  • Newly designed components are more efficient and will definitely save a lot more money spent on cooling the environment
  • Cools the environment faster as it has shorter cooling cycles
  • It runs more quietly and peacefully
  • Higher upfront costs, but a lifetime of saving
  • No blast of sudden cool air. Medium capacity ensures a cool temperature is maintained gradually.

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