VW Air Compressor Common Problems & Its Solving Methods

VW Air Compressor Problems
VW Air Compressor Problems

During summers, we want our vehicle’s air conditioning to be working perfectly fine but it is extremely difficult to sit in a car without AC during hot summer days. We have noticed the Volkswagen air compressor tends to cause problems very often, especially during summers. Some of the most common problems are that the compressor starts blowing hot air or does not blow any air at all. Some VW customers also complain that air compressor blows just cool air instead of cold air.

Today we will talk about problems and possible causes of why sometimes VW air compressor fails and does not work properly.

VW Air Compressor Problems

Why VW Air Compressor Fails?

Following are some of the reasons why VW air compressor causes problems:

1. The most common problem is, when the air compressor is not used at all during winters and suddenly switched-on at the start of summers after a long break, it tends to act up. When the compressor does not start for that long, it dries out since it does not get any lubrication, which leads to air compressor failure.

2. Another reason for VW air compressor failure is when the front of the car starts to leak liquid. This usually happens when VW takes a hit from the front. Even a minor hit or bump can lead to this liquid leaking. Earlier, radiators used to be in front and took a hit when cars got bumps, but in the latest models of VW, the air compressor is where the radiator used to be so it takes a direct hit and it can lead to its failure.

3. Sometimes, the air compressors can get clogged up by dead leaves, dirt, and bird feathers as well, as it is placed in the front in the latest models. If the air compressor is not working properly, always check the aircon condenser in front and clean it up thoroughly. Often it starts to work fine after clearing out the waste and dirt clogged inside.

Solution for Failed Air Compressor

Once the problem is diagnosed along with possible causes, then it is easier to head for the solution. In most cases, if the air compressor is damaged, it is highly recommended to get a new air compressor instead of fixing and repairing the damaged one. Mainly because there are chances that once damaged it might work the same away again.

In case the compressor is not working due to other reasons like lack of lubrication, etc. Then it needs re-gas. Once re-gas, it is expected to work like before. Re-gas is often mandatory when the compressor is used after a long break.

Moreover, as mentioned above as well, if the compressor is not working and there is no apparent reason then clean the compressor as it may carry dirt. It is best to get a repair and maintenance after winter season or once a month so air compressor is properly lubricated and cleaned. Regular cleaning is very important for the air compressor to work fine in the long run.

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