Can Air Compressor Inflate Tires and Blow up Balloons?

Can Air Compressor Inflate Tires and Blow up Balloons?
Can Air Compressor Inflate Tires and Blow up Balloons?

Inflating Tires and Blowing up Balloons with an Air Compressor

One of the common uses of an air compressor is inflating things such as tires and balloons. The air pressure needed to inflate a regular car tire is about 35 PSI; this volume may be higher for bigger tires on agricultural vehicles. The average output from an air compressor is about 100 PSI, for the smaller and portable air compressors.

The values stated above indicate that an air compressor can adequately be used to inflate a car tire. This assessment can be applied to the balloons as well. There are, however, different sizes of balloons. The larger sized balloons are filled with air or helium. These large balloons have nozzles that can easily fit into the output valves on air compressor pumps.

It is advisable to use air compressors to inflate car tires because the compressed air pumped into the car tire is free from moisture. The air compressors are also adequate for inflating things because the air output is at the right temperature.

How to inflate tires and balloons with an air compressor

There are portable, lightweight air compressor units that can easily fit into the trunk of a car. People move around with these air compressors for emergency reasons because it is difficult to know when you may experience a flat tire.

These air compressors are designed with features that make them easy to use by individuals and convenient. For example, on many of these portable air compressors, there is a control panel that features an LED digital air pressure gauge. This simple digital gauge makes it easy to monitor the output air pressure even when you need to use the air compressor in a dark place.

Also, you can find these air compressors with led lamps, which makes them most suitable for use during emergencies at night or during the day.

The most suitable air compressors for the inflation of car tires are the rotary screw air compressors. These models work with an oil-free air pump, and they have a longer duty cycle. These features make them reliable.

Before inflating a tire or a balloon, it is best to find out the recommended air pressure as advised by the manufacturer. For cars, this information can be found in the vehicle manual, or on the specifications panel written on the car doors.

The recommended air pressure balloons should have at their maximum inflation point is also indicated on the packaging.

Please note that when you are inflating a deflated car tire, please note the air pressure, at its deflated state, before you start pumping in the air.

The next thing to do is to connect the air hose to the nozzles on your car tires or balloons and turn the air compressor engine on. The car tire or balloon will quickly become inflated with air.

Depending on the size of the tire or balloon, the inflation process lasts only a few seconds. When you have inflated the tire or balloon to the recommended pressure, detach the air hose and secure the nozzles on the tire or balloon.

It is quite simple; please note that the air tank on the compressor unit can determine the air pressure output. It will be best to confirm the air pressure needed to inflate your car tire or balloons before making a purchase.


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