How Much Does An Air Compressor Cost?

How Much Does An Air Compressor Cost?
How Much Does An Air Compressor Cost?

An air compressor usually works by cooling down the air and decreasing its volume. This machine is used in numerous industries, such as manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and mechanical. There are similarities between the industrial air compressors and the small compressors people use at home. They only differ in the fact that industrial air compressors have a larger motor and a bigger storage tank; hence it is used for various demanding jobs. Moreover, each air compressor comes with its own cost according to their specifications. While some are affordable, others can be more on the expensive side. Below is the list of different air compressors and their prices that are available in the market.

Air Compressors And Their Prices

For Home Use

If you need an air compressor at home for certain projects like using light tools, filling tires, spray painting, and etc. then you do not need to buy a really expensive air compressor. Your needs for an air compressor at home can be filled with a 3 to 5-gallon tank air compressor. Its CFM rate is around 2 to 4 and should give you a sufficient amount of power. It usually costs around $200-$400 for a decent model of an air compressor for home use.

Pancake Air Compressors

Pancake air compressors are great for at-home use since they are ideal for light duty. Their tank size is smaller and it is around 1-6 gallons and they are perfect if you do not have enough storage. They cost around $100-$300 for a good pancake model.

For Garage Usage

From ratchets to impact wrenches, an air compressor for the garage needs to have a decent CFM rate and a big tank to keep up with the job. An air compressor with a cost of $300 should be good enough.

For Painting Tasks

An air compressor with a big tank is suitable for paint sprayers due to the constant pressure that is needed for it. Consistency is crucial for painters, and performance that is consistent results in a finer paint job. An air compressor for this purpose should cost around $300 – $400.

In Order to Use Air Tools

Air tools come in a variety of different ranges. For this type of air compressor, you will need a large-sized tank. Moreover, a good CFM rate is required if you want to get the right amount of power from the tools that you have. A decent pancake model air compressor with a price of $100 – $300 should be ideal for you to use with your air tools.

To Be Used Professionally

If you require an air compressor for your profession then you will need something with much higher quality. An air compressor for professional use requires a bigger tank, higher horsepower, and a high CFM as well. Hence, you would not have to wait around for the tank to get refilled and continue on working. These air compressors can cost anywhere under $1000. Their price depends upon their size.

In the end, it is always best to get the opinion of a professional before purchasing an air compressor. They can guide you further when it comes to the specifications of an air compressor, the type that is ideal for you, and its cost.


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