Can Air Compressor Run without Oil Filter or Trap?

Can Air Compressor Run without Oil Filter or Trap?
Can Air Compressor Run without Oil Filter or Trap?

Is it Possible for an Air Compressor to function without an Oil Filter or Trap?

The air compressor has a fairly simple system that involves different functional parts. Air compressors are built to withstand long hours of use. This is an advantage for contractors who need to complete major jobs within short deadlines.

The operating system in an air compressor is such that it involves the synchronized operation of the different parts to produce and deliver the right air pressure output. The important parts of the air compressor include the air pump, air tank, control panel, cylinders, and the engine system that works effectively with the oil filter and air trap.

When one of the functional parts of the air compressor is not working, the system is compromised. What this means is that the expected air pressure output cannot be attained.

This article will focus on the functions of the oil filter and the air trap. The aim is to find out if the air compressor unit can function properly without these two important parts.

The Oil Filter

The oil filter is found in air compressors that function with an oil-lubricated air pump. The oil filter has an important function; it is designed to trap any trace of dirt that may have compromised the synthetic oil in the air compressor system.

Dirt in the oil can cause severe damage to the air compressor unit. The oil filter is designed to trap and retain any dirt circulating in the engine system.

Also, the engine system in an air compressor can be compromised by rust. The rust particles are a result of corrosion affecting any part of the air compressor system. Rust can compromise the functions of the air pump; this will not happen if there is a functional oil filter in the air compressor unit.

The Air Trap

Regarding the air trap, it plays a vital role in improving the functions of the air pump. The air trap helps to prevent water vapor formed by condensation from compromising the functions of the unit.

The compressed air in the air tank condenses, forming water vapor. Without the air trap, the molecules of water will be introduced into the air pump, causing severe damage. The air trap is installed at the output valve to trap water molecules before the air reaches the pump.

The air compressor, when in use, can deliver a consistent air pressure output needed to operate air tools and other equipment. The performance of these tools depends on the quality and consistency of the output.

If dirt or water molecules enter the system, it will be difficult for the air compressor to perform at its expected industrial capacity.

The air compressor may work without an oil filter or the air trap, but its functions and output capacity will be significantly compromised.

Air compressors with faulty oil filters or air traps can be quickly restored to their normal functional capacities. It is easy to replace faulty oil filters or air traps for different air compressor models. These parts are available in the market.


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