How Does an Air Compressor Work with a Borewell Pump?

How Does an Air Compressor Work with a Borewell Pump?
How Does an Air Compressor Work with a Borewell Pump?

How an Air Compressor Works With a Borewell Pump

So, you have your very own air compressor, and you’ve learned just about all there is to learn about it. You understand how to use it, what equipment it could be used with, how to properly maintain it, and so forth. But then you hear of something called a borewell pump, and you’re left completely puzzled and clueless.

The thing is, there are many applications of the air compressor that makes it an extremely useful and versatile piece of equipment. An air compressor can be used for everything from the simplest of tasks to the most intense. For example, an air compressor can be used for pneumatic nailers, pneumatic spray painters, blowers (such as to clean your driveway), pumping air in your tires, aquaculture, septic systems, and much more. Following suit, one of the applications of the air compressor is for the use with a borewell pump, which we will be discussing today.

In this article, we will take a dive into some general information on the borewell pump, such as what it is, what it’s used for, and just how an air compressor works with a borewell pump. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What is a borewell pump?

While it might sound like something extremely complex, it’s actually quite simple in nature. A borewell pump is a pump that’s completely or partially submerged in water and is sealed to be air-tight. The pump consists of an electric motor, a diffuser, an impeller, a cable guard, and an electric cable that’s submersible. In application, the borewell pump is placed into a cylindrical hole – called a bore – that’s dug from the earth. The pump is then connected to electricity in order to operate.

The borewell works by lifting water to ground level through the converting of rotary energy from the impeller into the kinetic energy of water. From there, water is sucked up through the pump and pushed through the diffuser. In layman’s terms, the borewell pump is placed inside the borehole and pumps water from inside the borewell (underground) to the outside of the borewell (above ground).

What is a borewell pump used for?

In most cases, the borewell pump is used to extract groundwater for use in houses (as drinking water), industries (for production), and for watering farmland crops. The borewell pump is most commonly used in areas where water scarcity is a known issue, especially when due to scattered or limited rainfall and the lack of nearby water sources such as ponds, lakes, rivers, wells, streams, etc.

How does an air compressor work with a borewell?

As mentioned above, the borewell system pumps water from underneath the ground to the surface to be used in various situations. In order for the pump to work, however, an air compressor is needed. Essentially, the compressed air is pushed into the borewell pump, which displaces the water that’s inside the borewell and pushes it upward toward the surface. The air compressor is the driving force that allows the water to be pumped up to the surface in the first place.

At the same time, the air from the compressor also serves as an agitator, cleaning mud and other impurities from the water that’s being displaced and “harvested”.


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