Freightliner Air Compressor Common Problems & Solutions

Freightliner Air Compressor Problem
Freightliner Air Compressor Problem

Air compressors are used widely in all different types of fields. It is used in a number of applications. The basic mechanism of an air compressor is to convert power through sources such as electric motors and convert that power into pressurized air. The compressor compresses the air and stores it.

There are many different types of compressors available in the market nowadays. A Freightliner air compressor is similar to an air brake compressor that sucks in outside air, compresses it, stores it, and produces energy. All vehicles are built-in with different compressors.  This compressor functions through the rotational movement of the vehicle. It works when the engine activates a rotational motion.

Freightliner Air Compressor Problem

A Freightliner air compressor consists of a lot of different, tiny components that function together to ensure it runs smoothly. The piston and crankshaft are held in the engine, the valves and the unloader are in the cylinder head. There are so many issues the Freightliner air compressor can produce. The most common issues are:

Air pressure building up slowly

This is the most common issue people find with the Freightliner air compressor. There are a number of reasons why this might happen.

  • The gasket leaking
  • restriction in the compressor pipe can cause carbon build-up
  • The cut-out pressure of the unloader valve could be set too low
  • The compressor head is loose and sticking out the unloader piston
  • Possible leaks in the brake system

These issues can cause pressure to build up quite slowly or not at all. Make sure the piston rings aren’t worn out, because then the compressor won’t pump air out at all. Reinstall new piston rings and recheck the compressor. The pump should be able to build up to 120psi if everything is fine. Make sure no pipes are restricted, blocked, or damaged. Leakages should be sealed and the cut-out pressure of the unloader valve should be set at an appropriate level.

Air dryer issues

Any leak found between the multi-circuit valve inlet port and the air dryer can cause the air dryer to purge quicker. Leaks found in the delivery pipe and faulty valves at the unloader in the dryer can cause issues with the air dryer as well. Make sure the pipes are sealed so there’s no possibility of leakage and replace delivery pipes every now and then to make sure everything works smoothly.

Multi-circuit valve issues

The way the circuits are open and closed in a multi-circuit valve can create issues while running. The opening pressure settings of the circuit should be set accordingly to avoid circuit leaks. It is much easier to identify and find leaks in the system while the engine is running. In case the valve is leaking through any port, make sure you remove all components from the port. If the valve still leaks, then the issue is with the valve itself. Check all delivery pipes, valves, and ports to make sure the whole system is maintained properly.

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