Can You Paint A Car With A 30 Gallon Air Compressor?

can you paint a car with a 30 gallon air compressor
can you paint a car with a 30 gallon air compressor

People who own a vehicle know that it is essential to keep it maintained. This helps in keeping the vehicle free from any problems and makes it look clean. Although, sometimes you might think about getting it painted. This can be just to change its color, alternatively, you might want to cover up a damaged area.

Getting your vehicle colored by a professional will cost you a lot. This is why a lot of people decide to paint their cars at home. This is the most affordable way to do it but there are a number of factors that you need to look out for. These will help in making your paint job look good.

Things to Look Out For

Painting a car at home requires users to have an air compressor. After you select a color that you want to paint with, the first thing that might come to your mind is what size your compressor tank should be. This is usually indicated in gallons. However, this is a misconception, you should first check some other things as well. One of the most important ones of these is what type of paint gun you are deciding on using. The overall air pressure is usually controlled by the gun.

The CFM rating on the guns determines how much pressure and air they will require to spray the paint correctly. If you have already decided on either the compressor or paint gun then you can get the other equipment according to this. Making sure that these values match up will help you in getting a good paint job. Smaller compressors will require users to have paint guns with low CFM ratings. If you use a high CFM rating gun on them then your tank will not be able to keep up with the pressure needed.

Can You Paint A Car With a 30 Gallon Air Compressor?

Finally, you might be thinking if a 30 gallon of air compressor will be enough to completely paint a car. If the ratings on the paint gun match with the CFM rating on your compressor. Then a general tank of 30 gallons should be enough to paint your car. Although you need to make sure that your gun requires less amount of output power needed than your compressor. This helps you in making small bursts instead of having to run your compressor constantly while you paint.

This shows that the CFM rating is notably more important than the total gallons of air compressor that you require. Aside from this, some people might not want to purchase a separate gun and compressor. In this case, you can check a list of different types of compressors that come included with a spray paint gun. This takes out the problem of having to match up the CFM rating. You can easily find a list of good equipment like this online. The only downside of purchasing a complete kit is that they will cost you way more than getting them separately.

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