Sanborn Air Compressor Review 2022- Is It Good?

sanborn air compressor review
sanborn air compressor review

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Air compressors are devices that use engines powered up by gasoline or diesel or even motors. These are used to trap in air from all around the environment into the device. This is then compressed highly and gets pressurized. You can then pump out this air through the compressor. These devices can be used in a number of conditions.

These include cleaning up stuff in industries or even spraying paint. Spraying large equipment needs this pressure because a simple manual paint job will not end up looking good. Aside from this these compressors are also used to propel gas in conditioning equipment and refrigerators. One of the best companies to manufacture these is Sanborn.

Sanborn Air Compressor Review

Although the air compressors made by Sanborn were mainly manufactured in their companies. The brand was later on acquired by Coleman. The main lineup of compressors that they had at the time was then discontinued. These were known as ‘Black Max air compressors’. The company still has a huge lineup of different types of air compressors. These are made to be used in different conditions and can be bought depending on the usage.

Some of these are designed for simple home use, due to this the overall size of them is quite small. This also means that the tanks on them will carry less air. However, if you want to use your compressor for a much larger scale project then you can purchase the bigger compressors. Most of these can be distinguished from the gallons of air pressure that they can hold. You can even purchase compressors designed for industrial use. These might come in handy because they will last you a long time before having to trap in the air again.

Things to Consider

One thing to note is that the larger compressor you get, the harder it will be to store it. Air compressors are usually used only to paint objects. This means that you will have to keep your piece of equipment stored up after you are done with it. Keeping such a large device stored up can be difficult and will be more likely to get damaged. Additionally, another downside is that the repairs for an industrial compressor will cost you way more than a smaller model.

Aside from this, there are some things to consider if you decide on purchasing a used model. This is quite common because people don’t want to spend a lot on these compressors if they decide to get a larger one. While you will know the model which you are getting, you should also know what the specifications for it are.

People will not usually tell this to you, this is why you should take a look at the specifications for the model of compressor you are getting online. This will help you in deciding if it is worth it or not. Additionally, you should take a closer inspection of your equipment before you get it. The main thing to note is the oil on your compressor as well as the drain on it.


Sanborn makes sure that its users are satisfied with its equipment. This is why they provide the users with some amazing features. However, remember that all of these will differ slightly from model to model. The horsepower on most of these is from 1 to 2. This helps in blowing out the pressurized air at a faster rate and much smoother. Models for larger-scale uses might even have 5 to 6 horsepower.

Although this won’t matter if you only want to use these devices at your home. Another thing to note is the PSI on these compressors. The PSI on these will determine how much pressure your device will exert.  This acts as a great indication of how much power is your device capable of outputting. While most compressors from Sanborn have high rating PSI on their devices.

You should still consider looking at it carefully before selecting a model. This will help you in completing your paint or cleaning job without any problems. The lubrication oil used for these is also amazing. Sanborn uses their own special oil that you can purchase again when you need to replace the old one.

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