What Is The Smallest Air Compressor To Paint A Car?

What Is The Smallest Air Compressor To Paint A Car?
What Is The Smallest Air Compressor To Paint A Car?

What Is The Smallest Air Compressor To Paint A Car?

An air compressor requires a certain kind of air pressure to use power tools, for example, nail guns and car spray painters. There is plenty of air compressor in the market and people often get confused about which compressor is suitable to get for a specific purpose.

The most important to thing to ponder on before purchasing an air compressor for spray-painting your vehicle is to analyze how big the tank is, the size of the tank for this purpose is very important because a small tank would result in rough strokes of paint and there would not be enough air volume and the spray gun will struggle.

Size of the Tank of an Air Compressor

Although, if you are willing to take a chance and paint the entire vehicle in one go, you can try it with a smaller size air compressor. This requires a sense to feel the air pressure and later adjust it and this can only happen if you have a lot of experience. However, if you try this, the tank of your air compressor will get extremely hot due to constant pressure and will create liquid inside, which is why it is important to drain the liquid inside your air compressor to resist further damage. Also, it is highly recommended to get an air compressor with a capacity of at least 60 gallons so you can easily handle the painting of your vehicle.

CFM Rating

Besides the size of the tank, you should consider other characteristics too, for example, the CFM of the air compressor. Low CFM level would give uneven results, the higher the rating of CFM, the more air it can blow out. So it is recommended to get an air compressor with a high CFM rating.

Air Pressure

The most essential thing when purchasing an air compressor for auto painting is air pressure. High-pressure air is not necessary to get an even layer of paint on the surface of your vehicle, you can easily use low-pressure spray painter along with a high volume, which does not require high PSI to function.


The horsepower analyzes the amount of power it has to function properly, contrary to believe, high horsepower is equaled to a better comparison but this is not always happening. Nevertheless, it is advisable to get a high HP reader so it could be used in other tools too.

Above we have listed down the essential components you should consider when purchasing an air compressor for auto painting. However, choosing the right compressor according to your needs is not an easy task but it is also an important thing to ponder on its features and capabilities. Make sure to do a complete market survey, evaluate all the available options, and make sure it has all the four features that you need to get an excellent result.


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