Air Compressor Reset Switch Common Problems & Fix

Air Compressor Reset Switch Common Problems & Fix
Air Compressor Reset Switch Common Problems & Fix

Air Compressor Reset Switch Problem

There must be hundreds of different types of air compressors that might be varied in sizes and capabilities but all of them have the same functional similarities that allow us to check the problems ourselves and solve rather than taking it to the shop and giving a crapload for petty problems.

Isn’t it frustrating when you have a fully loaded air tank and you start using the air tool and as the pressure starts to build, the air compressor suddenly trips the circuit breaker and the reset switch is good for nothing?

So, the things are what happens to the air compressor when it suddenly stops and the reset button isn’t working?

Either the reset switch on the air compressor also known as thermal cut or safety switch located at the end of your air compressor or on the sides or some of the reset, switches are located inside the wiring of the motor. Regardless of the location of a reset switch, its prime function is to automatically turn off the power of an air compressor when it gets excessively hot. Without a reset switch during this condition, the unexceptional heat could damage the motor of the compressor and if the switch is tripping this means that the motor is already getting hot.

There are certain reasons why this happens; we have listed down some of the possible causes and their solutions to help you fix the problem.

1. Check the Power.

Make sure that your air compressor is rightly plugged into the socket instead of a power extension or power bar because the air compressor requires a high power supply, which could not be sufficient through an extension. Plugging it to a small power supply tool could overheat the motor and the reset switch will shut down.

2. Excessive Use of compressor

A reasonable time to run an air compressor is not more than 10 to 15 minutes. Excessive duty cycle would overheat the motor, try running it for a small amount of time let say 10 minutes maximum at a time so that it can have enough time to cool down before starting the cycle again.

3. Oil Leakage

Check the valves of your air compressor, there might be some oil leakage and if that is the case, the tank of your compressor will take longer to fill and if it gets filled the reset button will trip and the motors get overheated.

4. Mechanical Issue

Make sure that your air compressor is not having any mechanical issue such as the broken pressure valve or a broken gasket, trying changing the valve or gasket kit because this would cause the compressor to take more time to fill the tank or it might shut down the reset switch before it even is full.

Fixing these issues by using a rest switch can result in major cost-saving and would downtime further risks and damages.


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