What Is An Aftercooler For Air Compressors?

What Is An Aftercooler For Air Compressors?
What Is An Aftercooler For Air Compressors?

What Is An Aftercooler For Air Compressors?

Air compressors are the most essential part of industrial activities, they are more reliable to use and provide a proficient source of energy to carry regular industrial tasks. Air compressors are used to escalate the pressure in varies compressible gases, fluids and the most common is air.

In simple words, the air compressors are the source of energy for operating equipment. Air compressor provides energy to these devices through compressing the air from the atmosphere, it compresses the air at a limited space to produce high-pressure volume and then transmit that energy to the receiving device or machine.

The most important part when producing energy through air compressors is using a heat exchanger to reduce the temperature and moisture from the discharge air. An aftercooler and intercooler are specifically designed to cool the compressed air charged by the air compressor just before entering into the device so it will eventually increase the airflow as well as the fuel combustion.

Aftercoolerfor an Air Compressor

An aftercooler is an automated heat exchanger, which is designed to reduce the heat during the compression from an air compressor so that it would be composed enough to be used in the equipment. All industrial system requires an aftercooler, which is the most important part of an air compressor.

An aftercooler is designed in shape just like a radiator that comes either along with an air compressor or in a detached form. Either way, the heat exchanger should be placed as near as possible to the point from where the air is going to discharge from the compressor to immediately cool it and quickly transmit it into the operating device. This cooling effect is necessary because the high temperature of the air would be harmful to the lubricant parts of the machine. Moreover, the compressed air is always a bit humid due to the high temperature, and to remove that humidity it is highly recommended to install an efficient aftercooler to benefit your industrial systems.

Aftercooler cools air by either water or air, water-cooled aftercoolers uses water to cool the air while air-cooled water coolers use air to cool the air.

Benefits of Installing an Aftercooler for Air Compressor

  • Aftercooler provides an extra drying effect to the compressed air that is beneficial when you know the humidity could be harmful to the operating device.
  • It safeguards the downstream equipment from providing the unnecessary amount of moisture and heat, that will increase the lifespan of your dryer
  • It reduces the stress on your dryer because the aftercooler has already treated your air.
  • The pipes and channels on the receiver can become a source of caution if the air traveling through is not cool enough. Aftercooler immediately reduces its temperature and also the risk.

Nevertheless, installing an aftercooler is beneficial in many ways for the industrial production processes, it is not only best in providing quality in work but also reduces the chances of accidents and mishaps and can save a hefty amount of repair costs caused by having small dryers.


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