2 Common WEN Air Compressor Problem (Troubleshooting)

WEN air compressor problem
WEN air compressor problem

WEN is a brand that is quite famous for making small and medium scale air compressors. These air compressors are pretty durable and they run perfectly with the best possible efficiency. That is why most domestic and commercial users prefer WEN over the other brands that they can get out there in the market.

While these air compressors are reliable, there are some common issues that you might have to face on them, and here is how you can fix them up in no time at all.

WEN Air Compressor Problem

1. Gauge Fluctuating

Most of the WEN Air Compressors come with two analog gauges on them and this allows you to know what the pressure inside the tank is and what output is being vented out of the hose. With these gauges, you can use the air compressors for a vast range of applications keeping safety in perspective and this makes you a bit more satisfied with the usage. However, at times the gauge might not be showing the right rating or it might be fluctuating and that is not a good sign.

There is no need to worry as it has an easy fix that can help you get rid of the problem in an efficient manner. You just have to unscrew the gauge on the nozzle that it is installed on after turning off the air compressor and making sure that the tank is empty. After that, you will have to clean both the gauges and the nozzle they are installed on.

This will clear out any dust particles that might be causing you the issue. Then, you can screw them back on and that is going to help you get rid of the problem in an efficient manner. If that doesn’t work out for you due to some reason, you might need a gauge replacement from WEN as the pressure valve on the gauge might have gone bad.

2. Leakage

While these air compressors are highly portable and they have ensured to keep the design as easy to use as possible, that left the room for certain errors and you might face leakage issues more often on these air compressors from WEN. The issue is more common on the smaller Air Compressors as there is not much to avoid such issues on these air compressors.

If you are having leakage problems on your WEN Air Compressors, you should diagnose the source first. There must be a hissing sound coming from your air compressor where the air is leaking from and you need to watch out for that. Once you find the leak, you will need to decide what to do with it.

If the leakage is at some rubber part like a seal or some pipe, it would be better to replace that part to ensure safety and to make sure that the problem doesn’t recur. However, if the leak is at some metallic part, you can fix the leak with some sealant material and that will allow you to avoid having inconvenience due to the issue.

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