3 Common Fini Air Compressor Problems (Troubleshooting)

Fini air compressor problem
Fini air compressor problem

Air Compressors come in all different shapes, sizes, and power options that you can use for all different sorts of applications. These include residential, commercial, and industrial applications. These applications might range from running vacuum cleaners, inflating tires, pressure washers, HVAC, airlifts, and a lot more. If you are looking for an air compressor for your needs, there are plenty of options out there. Fini Air Compressors is one such manufacturer that is allowing you to have the best edge on their products.

Fini Air Compressors make the best air compressors, but they are quite focused on commercial, industrial, and mainly large-scale air compressors. You can get all sorts of air compressors for your commercial and industrial needs with them.

Due to the applications intended, durability and reliability are kept as a major factor in perspective while manufacturing. There are not many problems that you will have to face with these air compressors. Although, in some instances, you can face some problems with Fini Air Compressors that are common and you must know how to solve them. A few of these problems and their solutions are:

Fini Air Compressor Problem

1. Wiring Issues

The wiring issues are a major concern for these air compressors as they need more power depending on the size you are using. Simply put, they require more current load on your circuit and it might cause you to have some issues.

The wiring needs to be done in the right manner and you need to use the cables on your whole circuit that are recommended to take the wattage ratings required for the Fini Air Compressors depending on the model that you are using. This is going to help you fix up the issue in a perfect manner and you will not have any overheating or fire problem in the wiring that might cause you inconvenience later.

2. Voltage Fluctuation

While you can have the best wiring that you can get, that is not enough to solve the voltage fluctuation issue on your grid. These air compressors that you get from Fini are quite powerful and they cannot run if there are low voltage on the grid, or the voltages on your grid are fluctuating more often. This will cause your Fini Air Compressor to stop working, or it might not start at all. Voltage fluctuation can not only damage the motor and components on it, but it might also cause to blow a fuse or circuit breaker that you obviously don’t want to have on the air compressor that you are using.

To deal with all such problems, you will have to use a voltage stabilizer with these air compressors so that you can get the right voltages supplied to your air compressor. This way, the problem is going to be solved effectively and that will not cause you to have any sort of issues or problems with the air compressor. Make sure that you are installing the new circuit breaker and fuses before installing a voltage stabilizer if the fluctuation has caused a problem for you earlier and that will solve the problem for you perfectly.

3. Oil Leakage

Oil Maintenance is the key to keeping your motor-powered oil compressor running. There are multiple metallic and mechanical components running inside the motor and they need to be lubricated in the right manner so that they don’t cause any excessive friction. Excessive friction will not only cause you to have noise issues, but it will also make your motor overheated and there are certainly other issues that you will have to face like motor breaking down that will end up as a hefty repair bill.

In order to get these issues fixed, you need to ensure that you are using only the recommended grade of oil and that is going to help you out in the perfect manner. Not only that, but you also need to ensure that you are putting the right amount of oil inside the chamber that is not exceeding the required level. This will help you in making it work out perfectly and you will not have to face these issues. If you have an excessive amount of lubricant in the chamber, it can increase the pressure and cause leakage and you will have to replace the gasket or other parts that are leaking on it.

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