3 Common Ryobi Air Compressor Problems (Troubleshooting)

ryobi air compressor problems
ryobi air compressor problems

The applications of air compressors are not limited, and the same can be said for these air compressor brands out there. There are hundreds of brands in the market manufacturing these air compressors and that might get you confused in making a choice for your needs. Ryobi is one such brand that makes air compressors of all shapes and sizes. Their crowned jewel is their cordless, handheld air compressor that is used for inflating the tires in tough situations most of the time.

Ryobi Air Compressor Problems

Ryobi has a pretty great inventory of these air compressors and whatever needs and applications you might have in your mind. You can always find the right thing from Ryobi that will help you in having a perfect advantage and use of an air compressor. These air compressors don’t only look good due to the color scheme and exceptional finish, but they work pretty great too. Eventually, you can have peace of mind, that these air compressors will not disappoint you when you need them. However, there are several small problems that you might have to face. A brief account of those problems and their solutions is:

1) Not Turning On

At times the cordless air compressor will simply refuse to turn on. That is not some big problem that you have to deal with, but as it will not start at all, you will have to face certain inconvenience at the moment, that you would never want to have. The main reason for this problem on Ryobi Air Compressors is that you might forget to charge your batteries and now they don’t have enough current on them to run the Ryobi Air Compressor. It is always recommended to make sure that you are getting the right charging on your batteries before leaving for trip off-roading where you might need to inflate a tire.

Also, if you are using a cord with your cigarette lighter plug in the car, that can cause you to face issues of this sort that you will need to get rid of. You need to rotate the plug a bit or try plugging it out and then plugging it back in. This is going to help you out in solving the problem as these round cigarette lighter ports can go bad at times or they might get lose and that can cause you to face the problem.

2) Not Charging

Charging these cordless air compressors from Ryobi is pretty easy and simple. You just have to plug them in any wall-outlet that you have at your place and they will charge like any other chargeable device that you might be using. Their chargers are pretty durable and efficient. There is not much that you will have to worry about while charging these air compressors.

However, if the air compressor is not charging due to some reason. You need to check on the wall outlet first and make sure that it has the right current that is needed to make it work. If it is still not charging, you will have to disconnect and then connect it again. This way, the charger will start working without any problems. Another possible reason that might cause you to have this problem can be dead batteries and you will ultimately have to replace them.

If the batteries are not being charged after everything you have tried. Contact Ryobi and they will be able to help you in sourcing the right battery replacement for your air compressor.

3) Air Leakage

Air leakage is not common on these air compressors, but there are certain things that you will have to take care of. There are not many possibilities on the Ryobi Air Compressors that might cause you to have the leakage.

However, the pipe that you get from these Ryobi Air Compressors is made of rubber and that can develop leakage on it. These pipes need to be in perfect condition and you should not be keeping it sharply bend, or fold it more than you should. If there is some leak that you can detect on the pipe and that is causing you to have troubles, you will need to replace the pipe and that will help you out in solving the problem.

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