3 Common ARB Air Compressor Problems (Troubleshooting)

arb air compressor problems
arb air compressor problems

ARB USA is the perfect brand that you can get to have small, portable air compressors. Their air compressors are greatly helpful in getting you the right edge of air suspension and things like that. Air suspension needs to have the right air compressor to keep the air compressed and ARB Air Compressor would be great to go with your air compressor system. These air compressors are not only good with their aesthetics but are pretty great with the efficiency as well.

These air compressors are the best that you can get and move them around in the perfect manner. They come with a carrying case of their own, so you can enjoy a comfortable journey and you can just keep it safely in the trunk of your car or the bed of your truck.

ARB Air Compressor Problems

These air compressors don’t cause you many problems usually, but nothing is perfect, especially not when it comes to mechanics or the electrical equipment. You can have the best experience with ARB Air Compressors most of the time. However, there are certain common problems that users might have to face on ARB Air Compressors. Those common problems and their solutions are:

1) Air Compressor not turning on

At times the air compressors might not be turning on, and that can be quite troublesome for you. You might be stuck at some point, and that can totally ruin the experience for you. There are quite a few things that you will have to check on, if the air compressor is not working fine, or not starting at all.

First of all, you will need to check on the batteries and ensure that they are charged properly. If the batteries are not charged, that will be causing you to have this problem and the air compressor from ARB will not turn on.

Secondly, you will need to check on the wiring and all the electric components that you have on your air compressor. Make sure that the wiring is not damaged, sharply bent, or anything like that. This can cause you to have short-circuited on the air compressor wiring and it will not turn on. After that, you will also need to check on the fuses that you have on it. These fuses might be causing you to have a problem for you and you should replace them with the right fuses. After that, the air compressor will start working without any issues.

2) Suspension getting hard

Air suspension is one of the most durable and comfortable suspension, as instead of lubricants, compressed air is used to absorb the road vibrations, shocks and all that kind of stuff. Hence, you can feel if the suspension is getting harder and that is not something that you would like to have on your ARB Air Compressor. You will have to take care of it in an optimal manner and make sure that the air compressor is not the culprit here.

This problem occurs when the airflow from and to the air compressor is being restricted due to some reason. It can be caused due to a number of reasons, including dust clogging it, or the air filter needs a replacement. So, it is better to clean the inlet and outlet part carefully from any dirt or dust particles and that will help you in solving the problem for good.

3) Twin-Air Compressor not working

The whole ARB design relies on making two air compressors work as a unit in nuisance and that is something that is pretty unique and innovative. For those cars that have height adjustment features according to their safety, this twin-compressor works out pretty great and makes the whole process faster for you.

However, if one of the air compressors fails to turn on, there might be some problem with the wiring, or it can not be taking the load. You will feel the air compressor’s malfunction as the time that your car takes to adjust the height will be increased significantly. You should be restarting the car and whole air suspension system once in order to fix the problem. If the restart doesn’t work for you and the problem persists. You will have to contact ARB support to have this looked into.

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