Ryobi 3 Gallon Air Compressor Review

ryobi 3 gallon air compressor review
ryobi 3 gallon air compressor review

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If you are after smaller capacity and more power, then Ryobi is your go-to brand. They are offering some great air compressors from their inventory that are quite powerful, durable and yet pretty small in size.

This way, you will be able to make sure that you can get the right air compressor for you to get the job done. Ryobi air compressors are essentially designed keeping the specific applications in mind, and this 3 Gallon air compressor is no different. Some important factors to keep in mind about this air compressor are:

Ryobi 3 Gallon Air Compressor Review


Don’t let the small size of this air compressor fool you, as it is packing a motor capable of 150 PSI max output and it is made for those heavy-duty applications. While the air storage tank might seem small to some people, and they would question that.

Power is not something that you will have to worry about if you choose to go with this air compressor for any on-site jobs for construction. The air compressor got plenty of power to fix all sorts of nailers, finishers and other air tools meant for construction purposes.

The air compressor gets the right power to fill up the tank within a couple of minutes so that you will not have to wait at all between your work for the tank to be filled.


Design on this air compressor is one of the biggest perks about it. It got a box-like shape with two pretty solid wheels on the bottom. This way, you can easily move around the air compressor on rough construction sites, your garage, or any other place that you might need to use the air compressor at. While you are at it, the air compressor also has side-mounted nailer caddies that can store 2 tools pretty easily and still has a little space left in it.

This way, you will not have to worry about your tools either and you can always keep the spares inside the air compressor for carrying them around and keeping them safe as well. Moving forward, the wheels are designed for equal weight distribution and to ensure that you can move it easily over the rough terrains as well.


Another cool part about this Ryobi 3 Gallon air compressor is that it gets you the perfect maintenance-free experience. The motor is fully electric and there are no mechanical components on it that you might have to worry about getting the wear and tear. In addition to that, it gets the perfect edge of running without the oil and no lubricant is required to make it work.

That will help you get it going without having to worry about any sorts of maintenance routines like getting the oil topped up or changed. You will only have to replace the air filter at regular intervals and that will keep the air compressor running without any sorts of issues or problems with the motor or electrical components.

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