3 Common Quincy Air Compressor Problems (Troubleshooting)

quincy air compressor problems
quincy air compressor problems

There are tons of air compressor brands out there in the market, and Quincy Air Compressor is the go-to brand for commercial and industrial air compressors. There is a lot to these air compressors that make them the right choice for you to have for all the needs that you might have. These Quincy air compressors come in all shapes, sizes and capacity so you are not going to face any problems with these air compressors.

Quincy Air Compressor Problems

Quincy Air Compressors have the best engineering and parts on them and that allows you to have the right utility and performance. The efficiency of these air compressors from Quincy is pretty great as well. No to mention the running costs and price for these air compressors are also pretty affordable. These are basically a complete package that one might want to get their hands on. However, there are some common mechanical issues that one might have to face. These problems are minor and can easily be fixed using these solutions.

1) Oil Leaks

The most common issue that people face with the air compressors and is not only about Quincy Air Compressors but all the oil-based air compressors is oil leaks on them. These oil leakages can be caused due to multiple reasons, and they don’t only create a mess for you but if the oil level is reduced on the motor and it keeps running, that can also damage the motor and all internal parts terribly.

The most common reason for this issue with the oil leakage is that you can be using thinner oil than the optimal viscosity required for your air compressor. It is critical to stick to the viscosity and oil rating that is recommended by Quincy for these air compressors as if the oil is thinner, it can leak from the rubber parts, seals, or all the other places.

Another most common issue that you will have to face on these air compressors and the oil leakage is due to some loose nuts and bolts. You will need to check on all the nuts and bolts and if they are loose, tightening them is going to fix the leakage problem for you on your air compressor. If you are using the right oil, and there are no bolts that might be loose, you will have to check on the rubber seals inside the oil chamber. They can get old and soft after a certain time and you will have to change them in order to fix the problem at hand.

2) Air Leaks

While the mechanical components on these air compressors from Quincy are pretty good, the same cannot be said for the pipes, rubber seals, and all the nozzles. They are pretty good, but all these parts tend to lose their edge after some time. These parts need replacements often and the basic thing is that these can be the most common reason for you having air leak on your air compressor.

What you will need to do in such cases is to check on any hissing sounds that might be coming off the air compressor or any of the pipes.  You will need to carefully inspect all the nozzles and valves as well. If there is any hissing sound or an air leak that you can trace on these parts, you will need to replace that part and that will optimally be solving the air leakage for you.

3) Belts Breaking Down

There are a few things that you specifically need to take care of and belts are one such part. There are rubber belts on the air compressors that might be breaking more often than usual and that can be troublesome for you. You will have to make sure that you are using the right size of the belt. It has to take tons of revolutions each day and if the belt is of substandard quality, or if it might not be the right size, it will simply wear out and eventually it is going to get broken.

You will also need to keep greasing the belt and make sure it is lubricated. This will help you ensure that you reduce the friction on your belt and it will not break, sooner than it should.

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