3 Common Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Problems (Troubleshooting)

central pneumatic air compressor problems
central pneumatic air compressor problems

Central Pneumatic is a great brand that is making some of the best air compressors in the market. These air compressors come in all sizes and they work perfectly fine for all sorts of applications. Mostly Central Pneumatic is making small and medium-sized air compressors that are being used for a wide range of commercial and domestic applications.

Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Problems

These air compressors from Central Pneumatic are made to work great under stress. Some of the best materials and technologies have been used for manufacturing, but there are certain known problems that one might have to face with these air compressors. These certain problems that you might have to deal with are not that hard to fix, but you will have to ensure that you are doing it right. A few things that you will have to face and their best possible solutions are:

1) Power-on but not running

At times you might have to face this issue with the air compressors that you have from Central Pneumatic that the power light is on, and it might seem like the air compressor is on. But it will not be working and there will be no pressure on the air compressor. This is a simple error that might be caused due to some sort of electrical problem or issue like that.

You will have to check on all the wiring and that will help you in making it work. Once you have figured out all the wiring issues and have ensured that the plug is switched in properly, you will need to press the reset button on your air compressor and that will solve the problem for you most of the time.

2) Leakage

There is also another safety measure in work on these air compressors and they will not run if there is some sort of leakage detectable by the system. Most of the time, this leakage is on the pressure valve, or air intake part and that should be pretty easy to figure out for you. You will need to check on all the valves, pipes, and more and ensure that you listen carefully for those hissing sounds.

If you get to hear some hissing sound caused due to the air leak. You better replace that part as a whole and that is going to fix the problem for you. Once you got that covered, you will be able to make the air compressor work like before and there will be no issues that you have to deal with or worry about.

Sometimes, the air can be leaking on the drainage valve and that will not cause your air compressor to stop. Nevertheless, it can be troublesome as the air will be leaking at a constant rate and you will get pressure drops on the air compressor. You will need to ensure that the drainage valve is closed perfectly at all times. If it has gone bad beyond repair, or the rubber seals inside the drainage valve have been damaged, it would be best to get the valve replaced to avoid facing some problems in the future.

3) Pressure Fluctuations

There is a possibility that you might be facing pressure fluctuations inside the storage tanks. Another common issue that you will have to deal with is that the storage tanks are not full, the air compressor is running, but they will simply not be getting the air and refuse to be filled up to their capacity. This is caused due to a factor known as vacuum inside the tank and you will need to fix it up properly.

To fix the vacuum problem, you will first need to clean the pressure valve as it can get some readings wrong at times. If the cleaning has not worked out for you and the pressure is still fluctuating, that can be pretty troublesome. In order to get that problem figured out, you need to turn the air compressor off and then open the drainage valve to empty the storage tanks completely. Once you have ensured that the tanks are properly drained, you should be closing the drainage valve properly and then turn on the compressor again. Your problem with the vacuum will most likely be fixed and you will not be having any issues after that.

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