Quincy Two Stage 80 Gallon Air Compressor Review

quincy 80 two stage gallon air compressor review
quincy 80 two stage gallon air compressor review

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Quincy got an abundance of powerful air compressors that are tougher than anything else out there in the market. They are making some of the best air compressors that are built to last and can perform exceptionally under great pressure as well.

No matter what application you might be throwing their way. These air compressors are perfectly capable of going through them and come out on top. This two-stage, 80-Gallon air compressor is one such thing and if you are looking to know some more, here are a few notable features.

Quincy Two Stage 80 Gallon Air Compressor Review


Power on this air compressor is no joke at all. This air compressor got a strong motor that provides an output of 5 HP and that is pretty much enough for all sorts of applications that you can expect to have on an air compressor.

Not only that, but the air compressor is also able to turn the pump for maximum pressure output and it can reach up to 175 PSI with the heavy-duty switch. This way, you can ensure that you are running the air compressor optimally for all sorts of applications that you might have.

Besides, these multiple features on the air compressor allow you to enjoy a seamless overall experience, as they are not only about the power but making sure that the air compressor is always running at its best. There are two power levels to ensure that you are only running the motor at the power level that suits your requirements best and are not overloading it.


This air compressor got the best of both worlds. Not only the power is pretty good at this air compressor, but the motor is designed to compliment the power, durability and efficiency as well. There are Heavy-Duty Cast Iron cylinders on the motor to ensure that you are getting the perfect performance on the air compressor all-day long.

Not only that, but the crankshafts, and valve plates are also pretty strong and durable to ensure maximum sound reduction and a better performance throughout on this air compressor. There are over-sized pistons and cylinders to ensure low RPM and that will make your air compressor run cooler and quieter.

The valves and valve bumpers are made of stainless steel to provide exceptional quality and have a leak-proof experience overall. Cherry on the top is motor overload protection and whenever the motor is being overloaded, it will turn to lower RPMs for cooling down, or even shut itself down if necessary.


The vertical design might get you thinking about it, but it makes the whole operational part even smoother for you. The air compressor got a vertical design with the motor mounted on the top of storage tank. This way, there are lesser vibrations and no leakage problems on the air compressor either. In addition to that, drain valve is conveniently located at the bottom that will help you bleed out all the air from the tank when not in use pretty easily.

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