Quincy 325 Air Compressor Review

quincy 325 air compressor review
quincy 325 air compressor review

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Quincy is the name for you to go with if you are considering something for the bigger commercial or industrial applications. They are making some of the best air compressors with the immense power of them, that will not let you run out of power or make you feel any deficiency of it.

There are several models in the Quincy Inventory that you can get your hands on for such immense power on them. 325 is one such model and if you are looking for some more details before you can make a decision, here is everything that you would need to know about it.

Quincy 325 Air Compressor Review


First things first, and you need to know what power you are getting on the air compressor that you are looking to buy. This air compressor got a motor that is capable of producing an output of 5 HP pretty easily.

That allows you to be certain that whatever applications that you might have on your mind, they will be pretty much covered and you are not going to face any sorts of problems with them at all. Not only that, but there is a lot more to it.

The air compressor can provide an output of 135-175 PSI constantly so you don’t have to face any interruptions at all with the work you are doing or with any sort of appliance that you are planning to use with the air compressor.

Moving forward, you will also be getting the right storage tank to compliment that. The output level at 175 PSI is 17.4 SCFM that is pretty much enough for any big application that you might have in your mind for construction tools, making it work for something industrial or running multiple air tools at once in some garage.


The best thing that you will get on this air compressor is the design. It got a pretty stable design with perfect weight distribution on it, that will eliminate any chances of having the air compressor falling or tumbling while in use. The air compressor and tank are also built together perfectly so that there are no problems with the usage in future.

Tank is mounted reciprocating on the air compressor that will allow you to have the perfect edge of balance, stability and performance. The tank is not only the best thing to have for performance, but it will also diminish all the possibilities of leakages as well, and you will be having a soothing overall experience with the overall air compressor design.


Yes, there is a maintenance routine that you have to follow on this air compressor as well. To start with that, the motor is oil lubricated so you will have to ensure that you are checking on the oil levels regularly and ensuring that there are no leakages on that part. You will also need to replace the motor oil, and the air filter on regular intervals to keep the air compressor running without causing you any trouble.

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