Quincy 26 Gallon Air Compressor Review

quincy 26 gallon air compressor review
quincy 26 gallon air compressor review

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Quincy are introducing newer technologies each day to ensure better performance on all the air compressors that are being sold by them. All that might make you wonder what model to choose, as there are tons of models and different storage options with these air compressors to go for.

This 26 Gallon air compressor is one such thing, and if you are out there looking for something that can easily handle the mid-range operations for you, then you should definitely go for this one. A few features that you must know about the air compressor are:

Quincy 26 Gallon Air Compressor Review


One cannot expect much power from an air compressor that is such small in terms of storage size, but the air compressor got surprises for you packed inside. The motor is capable of producing an output of 2 HP pretty easily and that will make it all work for you in the best possible way.

Not only that, but the air compressor also got tons of advantages to it in terms of power. The oil-lubricated pump is designed to be efficient in all sorts of conditions and this way you are going to love using this air compressor for most of the applications that a mid-range user can possibly have.

The air compressor is single stage, but that doesn’t mean you will ever have to compromise on the power. This air compressor is fully capable of providing an output of 135-Psi that makes it enough for your workbenches, inflating tires, preparing sprinklers and even for the irrigation systems that you have.

The air compressor can also be conveniently used for all sorts of power tools, for construction applications like nailing and all the other stuff like that.


One of the best things about this air compressor is its convenient and highly efficient design. You get the best edge of space saving on this air compressor that will allow you to store the air compressor in most thin corners and places. The design is not only highly efficient for saving up the space for you, but it got the motor mounted on the top of storage tank that provides an optimal level of stability and reduced vibrations.

Of Course, the air compressor is designed on the motor part as well to make lower RPMs possible that will ensure that the air compressor is running cooler and quieter than most of the other air compressors that are running at this power.

The pressure gauge and regulator are also mounted on the top so that you can easily read them and make of the readings that you want to. Not only that, but there is a lot more to it. This air compressor got ASME safety valve design as well that will make sure that there are no air leakages on the compressor and you can have the best use of your air compressor for years and years without having to deal with such petty problems.

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