Quincy 60 Gallon Air Compressor Review

quincy 60 gallon air compressor review
quincy 60 gallon air compressor review

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Quincy got the best edge of power, and if you are out there in the market looking for something that has enough power to get the job done for you, Quincy is definitely the option to go for. Their air compressors are the perfect combination of power, performance, efficiency and durability.

They are making a wide range of air compressors that are perfectly capable of running most of the applications for you and you don’t have to worry about a thing there. If you are looking for something with the 60 Gallon capacity, a few notable features that you need to know about it are:

Quincy 60 Gallon Air Compressor Review


The best thing that you will be getting on this air compressor from Quincy is the power. The air compressor is running a capacitor started oil-lubricating motor that can produce 5 HP while it is running. The pump RPM can easily reach up to 1310 RPM and that is pretty great if you are looking at it for an air compressor.

The air compressor is industrial-duty so that you can use it for all the different sorts of applications. The US-made Baldor motor that is made for the perfect performance, durability and the right power.

The air compressor can go up to 175 max PSI, and that is pretty much enough to get the job done for you. No matter what applications you have in mind, this air compressor got the right power to paint the full car or building the whole engine. This way, you will never be running out on the power if you choose to get this air compressor for your needs.


With such powerful motor that you will be getting on this air compressor, you need to be a bit careful about the maintenance part as well. The air compressor got a motor that is oil-lubricated so you will have to be a bit careful about the oil levels.

The oil level needs to be lesser than the 5PPM while the air compressor is running. You don’t have to overfill the air compressor so it can possibly cause the leakage for you. Except that, there are not many obstacles on the maintenance part either that you will have to be worried about. The air compressor is just the perfect thing with least maintenance and better performance.

The air compressor is built for durability and endurance, so the leakages are going to be the least of your concerns. Just make sure that you are changing the belt at regular intervals and that will keep the air compressor going for you for years without a single trouble on it.


This air compressor is not the thing to move around. It got a vertical design that allows you to store it on tight corners as well. Yet, there are no wheels on the bottom and it might take 2 pairs of hands to lift the air compressor and move it to other places. Except that, you are not going to face any downsides of having this machine with you.

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