Porter Cable 20 Gallon Air Compressor Review

porter cable 20 gallon air compressor review
porter cable 20 gallon air compressor review

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Porter Cable has a truly wide and surprising inventory when it comes to the air compressors and all their air compressors are truly amazing.

That allows you to have the best edge of getting yourself some air compressor that will fit precisely according to your needs.

If you are not looking for something with large storage tank, but power is a major concern for you, then you should definitely be considering this cool 20 Gallon Air Compressor from Porter Cable.

Porter Cable 20 Gallon Air Compressor Review


Power is the most important factor that you should be considering while choosing an air compressor for any sorts of needs that you might have. This will help you ensure that you can make the best use of your air compressor without making a mess or losing power every now and then.

This 20 Gallon air compressor comes with an oil-free motor that produces an output of 1.5 HP. That is surprisingly high for an air compressor of that size, but that means the whole 20 Gallon tank can be filled within relatively shorter timeframe and you will not have to wait much between the work that you are looking to complete.

Not only that, but there is a lot more to having that power. The air compressor can produce a maximum pressure of 150 PSI that is enough to get those long air tools going. This can also help you with a number of other applications such as Airbrushes for painting, or tools like leaf blowers and lawn mowers.


Secondly, you need to take care of the operational part on any air compressor and that is the best thing about getting this 20 Gallon air compressor. It comes with an oil free motor, that is not only easy to operate and maintain, but also creates lesser noise when compared with other air compressors producing the same power and pressure output.

The air compressor merely runs at 84 dBA that is fine if you are using it in an open space. To ensure that the air compressor doesn’t cause you any sort of problems with the noise in enclosed spaces, there are rubber pads on the feet to avoid vibrations and make sure that you can get the soundless experience with your air compressor.

Additional Perks

The air compressor is a complete package and it is super easy to work with even for those who don’t have much knowledge about the air compressors. It comes with regulator that regulates the air pressure to ensure safety and to avoid any incidents with the compressor.

In addition to that, there are some gauges on the air compressor as well that will help you monitor the air pressure and output of the air conveniently so you can use the air compressor perfectly without getting any sorts of problems or issues on it.

It also employs the quick connect technology that is sort of the best thing to have, as it will allow you to simply plug in the pipes and use the air compressor.

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