3 Common Makita Air Compressor Problems (Troubleshooting)

makita air compressor problems
makita air compressor problems

Makita Air Compressors might look like a generator but don’t let the looks fool you. These Air Compressors are pretty good with the durability and all the applications that they might be used for. These heavy-duty air compressors might be just the perfect thing that one can need in order to get something that is durable, reliable, and work out great.

These Makita Air Compressors are a bit infamous as not much attention is paid to their marketing perhaps. However, that doesn’t mean that these air compressors don’t have the right quality on them.

Makita Air Compressor Problems

If you are looking to get Makita Air Compressors for any sort of commercial or domestic application that you might have thought of, the choice could not have been better. They are also highly affordable and the best fit for mid-range domestic or commercial purposes that one might have thought for them.

There are also some common problems that one might have to face on the Makita Air Compressors and a few of them along with their solutions are listed here:

1) Starting Issues

At times, you will have to feel the problem with the starting of your Makita Air Compressor. This is not that common, but for those who are looking a seamless experience with their Air Compressors might feel this issue. The occurrence of this issue is not common and it is rare. However, if you are unable to get the Air Compressor started up, you need to take care of a few things and that is going to help you out properly.

First of all, you will have to take care of the plug and make sure that it is in the right state. The cord that comes with Makita Air Compressors is pretty fragile and you need to make sure that it is never bent at any point. This is going to help you out perfectly. You might also face some other issues on the Air compressor like the fuse or circuit breaker issues.

You just have to check on the circuit breaker first if it is not starting up as you might want it to. Once you turn the circuit breaker on, you will have to check on the fuse as well. If you feel like it is damaged at some point, or blown, you will have to replace the fuse and that will help you get rid of the problem.

2) Wheels

Makita Air Compressors are simply durable and there are not much mechanical issues that you will have to face on them. However, these Makita Air Compressors come with wheels that help you with portability. That is pretty good and helps you greatly with all sorts of portability problems. However, there is a slight catch and the weight on these air compressors is slightly more than these wheels can take.

Eventually, you will have to face the issue of these wheels breaking down and that can be quite troublesome.

To fix these issues in the right manner, you need to check on all the wheels and make sure that they are not developing any cracks periodically. Another thing that you will have to take care of is making sure that you are not putting any excessive weight on the top of air compressors.

If the wheels break down at some instance, you can easily get them fixed or replaced from the Makita Air Compressor and that way you can easily fix the problem.

3) Oil Type

These Air Compressors from Makita come with a motor that is pretty heavy duty and you need to ensure that the oil type that you are using to lubricate the motor is of right type. Choosing the right type of oil that you can use and especially getting that for your air compressor can be quite a task. To make it work, you need to choose the 30W oil type, and that will make sure that there are not any issues with the oil quality.

It would be better if you consult Makita Air Compressor first and that way you will be able to get the assistance on getting the right type of oil for your Makita Air Compressor. This will not only ensure that the motor stays lubricated but also keep it running optimally.

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