4 Most Common FS-Curtis Air Compressor Problems (Troubleshooting)

fs-curtis air compressor problems
fs-curtis air compressor problems

Air Compressors need to work optimally at all times and that goes without saying. However, that gets more critical with industrial Air Compressors. Industrial Air Compressors are required for a wide range of applications that you might need. Simply put, they are used for some crucial and critical applications like HVAC, Manufacturing, Lifts, and whatnot.

That is why you cannot get these wrong. FS-Curtis Air Compressors are some of the best Industrial Air Compressors that you can possibly get your hands on, and they are pretty great at their usage. However, some common issues and their solutions are:

FS-Curtis Air Compressor Problems

1) Current Problems

The most major issue that you need to face with these industrial air compressors is the problem with current fluctuation. Since the industrial compressor is pretty extensive and all that machinery requires a high amount of power, you cannot afford to have any current issues with it.

To get that fixed, you will only have to get a suitable voltage stabilizer or a transformer that can help you find the perfect solution for this problem and you will not have to worry about current fluctuations or the circuit breakers being tripped down.

2) Wiring issues

With such heavy industrial Air Compressors that you get with the FS-Curtis Air Compressors, you will need to make sure that you are using the wires and cables that can take the right electrical load on them that might be required for the Air Compressors.

It would be better if you get the right cables and wires that are rated for the amount of current that you are going to need on the Air Compressor. You can ask the FS-Curtis Air Compressors support department to suggest you the right cables with the accurate load rating that is required for these air compressors.

You will also need to get the wiring done perfectly and make sure that the whole circuit is equipped with the right circuit breakers and the fuses that are needed to keep the equipment running and protected.

3) Parts Quality

Another thing that is quite worrisome for the users for these FS-Curtis Air Compressors don’t go well with the after-market parts. The parts that you might be able to source from the market might not be the right choice and their quality is a major concern.

To solve this problem, you will need to make sure that you are sourcing the parts from FS-Curtis only and that will allow you to effectively solve the problem. Buying OEM spare parts will ensure that the quality issues are addressed and you will not have to face any sorts of issues or problems with running the FS-Curtis Air Compressors.

4) Heating

The heating problems on an industrial scale Air Compressor is not uncommon and you will have to face certain issues or problems on them. To ensure that you don’t have to deal with the overheating of your air compressors, you should simply install the FS-Curtis Air Compressors at someplace that has the right ventilation on it and that is going to help you optimally solve all the problems related to it.

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