Kobalt 17 Gallon Air Compressor Review

kobalt 17 gallon air compressor review
kobalt 17 gallon air compressor review

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These mid-sized air compressors from the Kobalt are the best thing that you can get out there.

These air compressors can be used and are currently one of the best things to have for all those commercial constructors, mechanics and other people who need to get the right power and storage to get the job done without any sorts of breaks and gaps.

This 17 Gallon air compressor is simply the right thing to have, and a few notable features that you would need to know about the air compressor are:

Kobalt 17 Gallon Air Compressor Review


The air compressor got an abundance of power and that is not only enough to fill up that 17 Gallon tank in a matter of minutes but also make sure that you can keep it running all day long.

The motor on this air compressor can easily go up to 1.5 HP while running and that will help you out in making sure that you have ample power for you to get the job done. The power on this air compressor is pretty much enough to make it run at 150 Psi.

Now all that makes this air compressor capable of handling the mid-line commercial needs pretty good. You can use the power on this air compressor for all different applications including drilling, nailing, ice blowing, finishing, sanding and mechanical works.

The air compressor is the perfect thing for commercial tire inflating at the garages and running all those power tools for making the whole engine as it got the perfect power on it.

Build Quality

Build quality on this air compressor might not be just the perfect thing that you can expect. The air compressor comes with certain demons of its own that you will have to deal with. While the performance and all the other durability aspects are quite the same, you will feel like the build quality is not up to the mark.

Over the years of usage, it gets deteriorating with the hoses getting loose, and multiple other problems like that. This way, you will have to keep a strict maintenance routine on the air compressor and that will definitely be hurting your chances to have a seamless experience overall with the air compressor.

That is why, if you are looking for something solid that will keep on running for years long and is able to take all that pressure, you might consider some other option.


Portability is another perk that you will be having on this air compressor. Hotdog design on the air compressor allows all the compressor parts to be mounted on the top of storage tank so that you can easily store the air compressor at tight places without having any sort of problems.

Not only that, but the air compressor comes with two 7” rugged wheels and a long handle that makes weight distribution easier and you can move the air compressor on all sorts of terrains and surfaces without having to worry about a thing.

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