Air Compressor Makes Sounds of Vacuum Cleaner and Leaking

Air Compressor Makes Vacuum and Leaking Noise
Air Compressor Makes Vacuum and Leaking Noise

Troubleshooting air compressor sounds like a vacuum cleaner and sounds like its leaking?

Let’s break down the query into two simple queries so that they are easy to solve. The first part of your query is “Air compressor is making sounds like a vacuum cleaner”. And the second part states that “vacuum cleaner sounds like its leaking”.

Air compressor is sounding like a vacuum cleaner

Starting with the first concern. Whenever you feel that your electric appliance is making excessive noise try to pinpoint exactly where the noise is coming from. Once you have established the main source then try to determine what it sounds like. Excessive noise can mean anything from a simple flaw in the tuning to an expensive repair. This small experiment will help you determine what the cause is.

Here is a list of everything that could be wrong with the compressor.

  1. Detached parts: Loose parts can make a lot of noise. And usually excessive noise is a result of parts that have come loose from the compressor. Pulleys, belt, flywheel, cooler or any other part can be the cause. Extensively check all the parts including the accessories and tighten all the loose ends.
  2. Crankcase can lack oil: Another major reason for extensive noise can be the lack of oiling in the crankcase. Oil deficiency can cause the appliance to sound like a nightmare. Check your crankcase and replace the bearing and the oil. Or see if your crankcase needs to be changed completely.
  3. Piston problems: A lot of noise is generated when the piston touches the valve plate. Take out the cylinder and check the top of the piston, also detach the gasket. Check if you need a new gasket and replace it. Then put the head back on.
  4. Loose compressor floor: When the compressor is mounted lose a lot of noise is produced. Tighten up the bolts on your compressor and check to see if you need to replace the vibration pads.
  5. Faulty crankcase: A defective crankcase is also a huge factor for noise generation. Check to see if your crankcase needs repairs. If it cannot be repaired then replace it.
  6. Unnecessary crank end play: Adjust the crank end properly and shim through it.

Vacuum cleaner sounds like its leaking

Moving on to the second part of the query. Leaking is a serious problem for an air compressor. And should be dealt with with the help of a professional. But while waiting for him you can check the following two things. Most of the time it can also be fixed with tightening of the bolts.

  1. Improper functioning of the safety valve: Detach the safety valve. And then replace it with a new one. If the leakage is still there try taking off the cylinder head and carefully clean the reed. And then put it back on.
  2. The gasket is leaking: This is due to the high pressure inside the inlet valve. The only way to solve this problem is to get a new gasket.


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