3 Common Estwing Air Compressor Problems (Troubleshooting)

estwing air compressor problems
estwing air compressor problems

Estwing is one of the big names in the world of air compressors and it goes without saying that they are highly durable. You can find Estwing air compressors being used for a lot of applications in all the places for residential, and commercial purposes. These air compressors work well under stress and they are not going to cause you any problems. However, a few of these common problems that you might have to face and their solutions are:

Estwing Air Compressor Problems

1) Belts Squeaking

You might be getting these squeaking sounds on the belt after some usage. These sounds are caused due to various factors including humidity, or excessive friction on the pully and lever. If you are getting these squeaking sounds on the belts, you will have to make sure that there are no issues like that.

You will have to keep the belts lubricated with the right oils or grease that will stop the sounds for you most of the time. If the sounds are still there, it might be some friction on the belts that are causing you to have these sounds. If the sounds are still there, then the belts might have worn out after all the usage. You will have to make sure that you are getting the right size of the belt and from a reputable vendor that is recommended by Estwing. This will optimally be solving the problem for you.

2) Belts Breaking

You will need to replace the belts at regular intervals and that will ensure that you are not having any problems with the belt. However, at times your belts might be breaking down more often and that can cause you to have a problem.

If your belts are getting broken down on usual instances, you will not have to worry much. It is caused due to rust on the bearings most of the times, or if your bearings have gone bad. Carefully inspect the surface of the bearing and make sure that there is no rust on it. After that, try rotating it freely and that will let you have a better idea about the bearing. If it is not moving freely, you will have to replace the bearing and that is going to fix it up for you.

You also need to take care of the belt sizes while getting the belt’s replacement. Make sure that the belts you are using are of the same size that was being used earlier. If the belt is bigger than the recommended size, it will be losing and will get off the bearing and pully.

Also, if the belt is tighter than the recommended size, it is more likely to break after a few runs as it will not be able to handle the revolutions. So, it would be better if you contact the Estwing for knowing the right belt size or consult the owner’s manual that you have got with the air compressor. This is going to help you solve the problem with your belts breaking and you can use the air compressor in peace.

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